10 Easy Tips To Style Your Room

We share 10 easy tips to make your room look good without breaking the bank.

1) Choose Subtle Colors

Instead of bold colors, choose soothing and neutral colors. Think perfect summer clear blue skies (dusty blue), clear ocean water (mossy green), a hazy sky (dusty grey) or muted snow (crisp white). As a general rule of thumb, choosing a tinted or toned down version of your favorite colour instead of bright and vivid colour helps set the mood of serenity and comfort. The colour white is a safe option if you really can not decide but choose an off-white rather than a stark white to give a toned down mood to your room.

Difference between Hues, Tinted, Tones and Shade

Hues are primary colors. Tints are the mixture of hues and white color. Tones are the mixture of hues and grey color. And Shade are the mixture of hues and black color.

Room with Subtle Color

Instead of bold colors, choose soothing and neutral colors

2) Bring in the natural lights

Where possible use natural light. Natural light plays on shades and reflections which can instantly brighten up a room. Place a mirror on the wall beside the windows in the room to immediately bring in more natural light brightening up the room as the mirror will reflect the light around. A bonus to this is that it can make the room feel bigger as well as bringing more views around the room. Also an additional mirror in the room is handy for a last-minute glance before running out the door.

Natural light in a room

Natural light plays on shades and reflections which can instantly brighten up a room

3) Create a feature wall / accent wall

Fitting in too many styles in a room can seem busy and overwhelming. Keep your room simple and create a feature wall for the main focus when you enter the room. To compliment the feature wall, keep other walls simple as not to draw the attention away. Play with wood or brick textured wallpaper with feature lighting and framed prints to keep the wall interesting. Personalised prints such as Moon wall art create a story and talking point with guests.


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4) Pick the Right Size Furniture

Do not try to put oversized furniture in the room as this will make the room feel cramped and uncomfortable. Always measure the space before shopping for furniture and ask furniture stores to mock up a 3D image for you to review. Choose appropriate sizes for the room; a king size bed may sound good, but only when the room is big enough to fit proportionally.

5) Keep the Bedroom Simple

The bedroom should be kept simple and calm to bring a relaxing ambience. Bright colours will stimulate and do the opposite of making you fall asleep. Keep things to a minimal and remove unnecessary pieces of furniture. Personalise your room to make it your space of retreat and comfort. Feature walls are great for glancing over and reflecting on your memories if you have framed photos or shelves with trinkets.

Minimalist room

The bedroom should be kept simple and calm to bring a relaxing ambience

6) Indulge in Good Quality Bedding

Instead of buying an expensive piece of furniture, invest in a good quality bed sheets, pillow cover and duvet cover. It is estimated that on average we spend 33 years of our lives in bed with 26 of those asleep so it is definitely worth investing in good quality bedding to aid resting time. Choose bedding with 100% cotton, linen or silk and high thread counts of 350 or more. Research and test out pillows to find the optimum one for you and your neck. The difference between a good night’s sleep and a restless one is the right pillow. Another tip is layering the bed with multiple pillows and quilts. This not only makes the bed look presentable but also they come in handy when the weather is colder.

7) Tonal carpet

Whether you prefer carpet or rugs on wooden flooring, deciding on the right tone and texture is so important to creating a welcoming environment through the house. Higher pile heights create warm luxurious underfoot comfort. Choose a lighter tonal colour to compliment the space. For area rugs, quality and texture can really lift the space and furniture.

Minimalist room

Choosing a right color of carpet creates a welcoming environment through the house

8) Include Several Lighting Options

Lighting makes a huge impact in the room, it can create different visual layers of the room. Choose ambient lighting (low-key lighting) to light up the whole room. Add a reading lamp with a dimmer and moveable arm beside the bed so you can focus on reading. Additionally add a spotlight to focus the art or personal print, like a personalized moon print, on your feature wall.

Include Several Lighting Options

Lighting makes a huge impact in the room, it can create different visual layers of the room

9) Incorporate Hidden storage

Furniture and accessories should be kept to be minimal, store things out of sight as best you can. This is the key for the room in making a space look cleaner and uncluttered. Incorporate hidden storage, for example spaces under the bed, spaces at the bottom of the wardoble, and store accessories inside a box. Choose a bedside table with drawers and a storage bed to include as much space as possible.

10) Add colour through accessories

A room painted in white will create an illusion of large space. It is the perfect blank canvas to accessorise your home. Instead of creating a feature wall, introduce dark accents through small accessories of different texture, furniture or a darker theme of prints to create interesting focal points amongst the room. Simplicity is the key, do not overdo it, otherwise the room will look overwhelmed.

Add colour through accessories

Introduce different colour through small accessories create interesting focal points amongst the room

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