2022 March's Full Moon in Leo What It Means For Your Sun Sign

As the Full Moon in Virgo approaches, it's time to take a closer look at our health and habits than ever before. Being mindful of how we treat our bodies in terms of food, sleep, exercise, and more has a significant impact on our well-being, including energy levels and attention to the world around us. It's time to examine ourselves honestly and make changes accordingly to live our best lives.

The Full Moon in Virgo occurs on March 18, and less than an hour after the peak of the Full Moon, the Moon exchanges energies with Pluto. The trine of the Full Moon with Pluto energizes our motivations and gives them a sense of direction. This aspect invites us to liberate ourselves from what we have been taught, learned, and open to new perspectives. We may also gain greater self-confidence by expressing our emotions freely rather than being limited by rules, concepts or ideologies that do not fit our feelings.

Read on to find out what the Full Moon in Virgo means for each zodiac sign!


The Full Moon in Virgo calls on you to dig deep into your dreams, hopes and fears. If you feel inspired to do something but haven't done it yet, stop ignoring that inspiration. Make a move toward achieving whatever it is you want to achieve right now! This moment matters. What will it take for you to say yes to what feels right?


The Full Moon in Virgo has your head racing with concerns and practical issues: money, deadlines, taxes. There's a lot of pressure to keep up with it all—but these things aren't as daunting as they appear. Break down your goals into small steps, and then organize and prioritize those steps, so you know what to do first. This will not only help you get closer to achieving them; it will also help alleviate some of that pressure you feel.


For you, the Full Moon in Virgo means having conversations with yourself. To learn who you are, it's essential to listen to your inner self and then be okay with embracing whatever comes out of your mouth. If you find that a huge part of yourself doesn't align with everything else about you, then perhaps it's time for some new beliefs and actions—after all, two different people can rarely exist within one body.


The Full Moon in Virgo signals an end to your recent indecision and a return to what makes you happy. Things have been hectic lately, so now's a good time to just chill out and do something you really enjoy. This isn't a time for making big decisions—the stars are urging you to take life at your own pace. Instead of pushing yourself, try taking things one day at a time.


For Leos, the Full Moon in Virgo calls for introspection. It's time to reflect on what's working and not working in your life—and to figure out how you can fix it. If a project or relationship isn't living up to its potential, now would be a good time to call it quits (or work hard at turning things around). In either case, know that you will succeed. If a specific avenue isn't working out, take heart in knowing you have options.


You are the star of this Full Moon period, Virgo. Full Moon in your sign on March 18 ushers in a big change in your career direction, so be open to new opportunities. You have likely made changes that have served you well, but now it's time to let go and leave old projects behind altogether, mainly if they no longer serve your highest good. They will be replaced by something even better! A fresh cycle begins on March 20 when Sun enters Aries, so at last, you can get down to business and make plans for future success.

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A Virgo Full Moon tends to bring that nasty veneer of perfectionism back out into your life. The Full Moon in Virgo can feel like a heightened form of everyday Virgo energy. It's an excellent time to commit to your obligations and priorities, but it might be hard to relax until those tasks are completed. If you feel restless, it could be a good idea to focus on your health and wellness for a few days.


For you, the Full Moon in Virgo says that life will be full of change and sudden realizations. You may find yourself reconsidering how you spend your time, which could significantly alter how you spend your money and where. Be careful not to fall prey to buying new things just because they're on sale; a better idea might be to donate what you no longer wear or use so someone else can get used out of it.


Full Moon energy in Virgo doesn't suit you very well, Sagittarius. You can come across as overly critical or controlling, and people might resent your need to have everything orderly and systematic. Your tendency to be hypercritical of others may also get in your way of forging strong relationships with loved ones or people who work for you. Make sure you take it easy on others—it's definitely a challenge! Try not to be too nitpicky and judgmental during a time when everyone else seems to be super sensitive anyway!


The energy of the Full Moon in Virgo on March 18 seems to be very favorable for you. You can look forward to a day filled with little victories and a sense of accomplishment! This is an opportunity to reflect upon your achievements, as well as consider how far you've come over time. You might decide that it's time to switch gears and go in a completely different direction, but as long as it feels right—then do it!


The Full Moon in Virgo on March 18 brings for you a time to contemplate your life and its purpose. Is it aligning with your true values and what's really important to you? Or are you stuck trying to live someone else's dream rather than creating one of your own that allows freedom and happiness? Be sure to look back at past decisions and achievements as a way of seeing how far you've come—and also be sure not to make assumptions based on past experiences since things may have changed since then.


For Pisces, the Full Moon in Virgo will mean they have to deal with a situation weighing them down. Perhaps a painful topic or issue that you've been attempting to avoid and ignore. The Full Moon encourages new beginnings and endings, but it can also bring tension and anxiety into your life if you're not ready for either. So before rushing ahead to break free from that which no longer serves you, take time to consider what it is you truly want going forward.

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