Aries Love and Relationship Compatibility: Find out who's the best and worst match for Aries

Aries is a war sign, ruled by Mars and the Sun; it's impetuous and full of energy. The natives are incredibly faithful to their inner truths. For this reason, it is widespread for Aries natives to be able to go for long periods without actually relating to someone—it's okay for them to be alone. Giving up their individuality and autonomy may seem a challenge. But we should never doubt an "I love you" coming from an Aries. If they like you, they like you, and they will not measure efforts to show it.


Aries people have a huge sexual appetite; for them, sex must be fun, like a hobby. A relationship without sex is a big problem, and it wouldn't last long. They like to give pleasure and feel that they can satisfy their partners. They want to innovate in sex, new positions, new places, and sexual monotony is the greatest despair in a relationship. If sex gets cold, they may start to rethink the relationship. Sex and love are not necessarily connected for Aries natives.

For Aries, love is a game, and they love to compete and win. When it comes to love, they are a kind of "go and get it" people. The more complicated the conquest is, the more interested they are. Even after getting into a relationship, they need to constantly feel urged to conquer the person. Being completely available is not a good idea for those who want to attract Aries. A little bit of mystery is always good. They need to believe that they are still fighting for their loved ones. But at the same time, they want reciprocity. Aries see the people as trophies to be won and displayed, and they expect to be seen in the same way. Keeping the balance between showing interest and being the prey is the challenge and the key to a relationship.

We could say that Aries is the sign that gives in the most when in love. They act like children in an amusement park when they are in love. This is due to the childlike naivety they carry. They live each experience as if it were unique and as if it were the last. Those born with the Sun in Aries are not afraid of getting hurt, so they give their all when they love. And they expect the same from their partners.

Emma Wason is an Aries zodiac sign

Emma Wason is an Aries zodiac sign


Aries natives love adventure and novelty, so fire and air signs are best companions. They need people who support their ideals, trust them, and bring joy into their days. There is nothing sadder than a bored Aries. They know that and will look for ways to change the situation, even by giving up the relationship.

Leo, Sagittarius, Gemini, Aquarius, and even Libra can be compatible with Aries. Metaphorically, air expands fire, so the signs of these elements will always be good relationship options for these little matches that are always willing to burn.

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First of all, we definitely have to consider Leo. Leo is not only the best combination for Aries, but we can also say that they make up the best couple of zodiacs. Both signs have a strong relationship with the Sun; they love to have fun, value blunt honesty and have a compatible sexual appetite. Leo helps Aries be better and better, and Aries loves to "serve" Leo. They both see the generosity in each other and cherish it. Definitely a powerful couple that makes their presence be noticed wherever they go. The fights of this couple can be as magnanimous as the passion they have for each other, and this is something to take into account. They both need to learn to give in the relationship, but their power is undeniable.

Secondly, Gemini. Gemini natives are like butterflies in the eyes of Aries. Charming, funny, and intelligent, Geminis have the power to capture Aries' attention. As a mutable air sign, the natives constantly change their minds, goals, living novelties, and experience new intellectual stimuli. The dynamism of Geminis instigates the hunting instinct of Aries. The Aries' willingness for action also charms Geminis, who lives in a world of ideas. They are a fun couple. They will go to parties together, have fun, and amuse others, and this relationship feels like a big game.

In third place, we have a tie, Sagittarius and Aquarius. These are two signs compatible with Aries because they are up for adventure and have great intellectual inclinations. Aries natives despise people they consider to be stupid. However, Sagittarius and Aquarius tend to judge others and think they are always right, which Aries hates. So despite a good attraction between Aries and these two signs, conflicts of ideals can appear and require the couple's patience to be solved.

Daniel Radcliffe is a Leo zodiac sign

Daniel Radcliffe is a Leo zodiac sign


Taurus is definitely the worst combination for Aries. In a nutshell, Aries goes, and Taurus stays. Taurus sees Aries as restless and irresponsible, and Aries sees Taurus as stubborn and monotonous. Since the rulers of these signs are Mars (Aries) and Venus (Taurus), sexual desire can and will arise. However, it is not enough to maintain the relationship.

The energies of these signs are very conflicted, and the challenges are significant for this couple. On the one hand, Aries needs to calm down and be more consistent in its attitudes; on the other hand, Taurus needs to be more flexible and give up control. It's a challenging relationship, but with challenges comes learning.

Channing Tatum is a Leo zodiac sign

Channing Tatum is a Leo zodiac sign

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