Aries Moon Sign Meaning: Personality Traits, Love, Career and Health

Two stars illuminate our existence as earthlings. The Sun highlights everything, and the Moon guides us through the darkness but leaves much undiscovered.

Moon in Astrology Meaning

In astrology, the Moon is also a vulnerable area. The sign where it is located indicating the necessary condition for the individual to find emotional balance. The Moon's influence in the birth chart is reflected in concrete ways in daily attitudes and reactions throughout life. The way we get up in the morning, how we open the door, how we choose breakfast, how we laugh, or how we respond to a colleague's request. We can tell which sign of the zodiac a person's Moon is in by observing the small gestures they make unconsciously — emotional responses.

Aries Moon Sign Personality

The Aries Moon can be easily interpreted and perceived. It is like a combination of the fire of Mars and the cold of the Snow Queen. Those born with the Moon in Aries present themselves to the world exactly as they imagine themselves to be — the Moon also represents imagination.

The Aries Moon has a strong tendency to be "me first" in the sense of focusing on self-interest. Aries Moon rejects conventional behaviour and accepts discipline with difficulty. Aries tends to be nervous, quick-tempered and impulsive. Those born with Moon in Aries have a bold attitude, always seem self-satisfied and act boldly.

Moon in Aries steps into adult life like a child. The natives following their instincts, without hesitation, with a certain naivety, with natural and sincere enthusiasm. They are great lovers of unexpected and risky experiences. Those born with Moon in Aries throw themselves into situations that sometimes cause heart arrhythmias in parents and relatives. When the other personality traits lead to temperance, then the natives have a pronounced spirit of initiative, making their own way in life.

Angelina Jolie is born at Aries moon

Angelina Jolie is born at Aries moon

Aries Moon Sign Compatibility

The Aries Moon has a keen mind, creative imagination, irresistible charm and a fantastic ability to enter into emotional relationships.

Aries Moon falls in love but also leaves quite quickly in an impulsive manner. Emotion and desire intertwine, resulting in very intense feelings, sudden, reckless falls in love, which lead to relationships that are not very long-lasting.

When the natives with Moon in Aries ends a relationship, they do so for good, but with pain — because they have put a lot of soul into it. That's why those born with Moon in Aries don't go back on their decision — their nature doesn't allow them to do so. They fought a battle, won a victory, and the situation is over.

The Aries Moon does not revise its opinion and does not grant extenuating circumstances.

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Aries Moon Sign in Woman

The native of the Moon in Aries has feminist aspirations.

She sometimes acts or reacts violently, driven by a desire to escape her emotionality. In her relationship with her partner, she can quickly end up in conflict because she often ignores the context and sees the truth in an individualistic way. She says 'straight out' what she thinks and when the other makes a mistake, he should expect doors slammed, clothes cut, plates thrown with a fair amount of precision and, above all, noise!

In private life, we are dealing with a feisty wife and mother, who shows her leadership qualities over time. She is not afraid to raise her children alone and quickly takes on the role of mother-father.

She's energetic, can fight, opens doors, convinces people, she "drags" (if necessary) her husband along with her.

Kendall Jenner is born at Aries moon

Kendall Jenner is born at Aries moon

Aries Moon Sign in Man

Apart from the general traits of the Moon in Aries, for a man, the Moon has a special symbolism. Every man's soul contains within it the image of the eternal feminine or, in other words, his inner woman or anima.

If Venus indicates the kind of woman a man is attracted to on a physical level, the Moon reveals the kind of woman he desires on an intimate, soulful level and reflects the innermost need of his heart. In other words, it indicates his "soul mate", which completes him most, his female counterpart. Now you understand why we have included these particularities here.

The man with the Moon in Aries has an intense, often uncontrollable emotionality. He has a fiery, exuberant and highly passionate soul. He feels he has to express his emotions and feelings spontaneously. His inner nature is effervescent and volcanic, and he is fascinated by strong women who are eager to share his colossal erotic energy with him.

His inner woman is passionate, adventurous, enterprising, competitive and strong-willed. His beloved is a combative woman capable of getting him involved and fighting alongside him, being both his lover and his comrade on the battlefield.

The Aries Moon man must control his tendencies towards emotional instability and fits of rage and not indulge these manifestations in the presence of his loved one. This man needs to understand that the "war" is fought inside him and not outside him.

Kendall Jenner is born at Aries moon

Benedict Cumberpatch is born at Aries moon

Aries Moon Sign: Career

At work, Aries Moon natives can end up in emotional wars with subordinates. They have a subtle and emphatic way of challenging others, sometimes forcing them to work even when they no longer have the physical or mental resources to perform their tasks.

Those born with the Moon in Aries also have the rare gift of exploiting others with the utmost serenity on their faces. At one point or another, they demand the resolution of a super-urgency. The next second, they're asking for a coffee to be made for them, just as urgently. If Aries Moon natives found it easy to extract two tasks from two sentences, why would it be hard for someone else to do two things at once?! The authority of those with the Moon in Aries cannot be challenged, and the attitude is trenchant: either do all the work they ask or leave — there is no alternative.

Aries Moon Sign: Health

The health of natives of both sexes, but especially of women, is influenced by the Moon. Excluding exogenous causes, the mental predisposition to illness when the Moon is in Aries in the natal chart is manifested by:

  • Headaches and migraines - are an expression of overwork: "It's more than I can bear", "Sometimes I feel I am no longer my own master". The remedy for these natives is to focus on themselves and allow others to be free.
  • Nosebleeds - as an expression of the need to detach from the opinions of others and raise self-esteem levels.
  • Snorting - is an indication of rigidity, a determination not to give in.
  • Coldness - is an expression of indecision and lack of firmness.
  • Sinusitis - occurs as a result of an irritating relationship with a close person; it requires dealing openly with the conflict.
  • Eye problems - symbolise the loss of purpose, fear of the future; require a realistic perception of the present.

The Moon finds it very difficult to manage the fiery energy of Aries. For the Aries Moon, every day is a challenge. For the Moon to somehow consume Aries' power, it endows the native with inclinations towards sports — and no, we don't mean chess. When Aries' energy gets very agitated and starts to annoy the Snow Queen (Moon) very severely, migraines and headaches occur.

The life lesson for those born with the Moon in Aries is managing their impulses and emotions.

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