Cancer Love and Relationship Compatibility: Find out who's the best and worst match for Cancer

Cancer, the fourth sign of the zodiac, tends to experience love and relationships in unique ways that can be difficult for other zodiac signs to understand. Fortunately, compatibility in love and relationships is not an abstract concept. Still, it is based on people's natural characteristics in their actions and reactions to each other.

This article will help you learn more about Cancer's compatibility in love and relationships. Thus, you can find out who is the best and the worst match for Cancer.


Cancer is a very old-fashioned sign when it comes to love and sex. Being a water sign, they are more in touch with their emotions than most signs but struggle with showing their feelings, especially if those feelings are painful.

Instead of expressing their feelings directly, Cancer tends to go through emotional moods and phases. They'll be fine one day and withdrawn or depressed for a few days afterward. They may even lash out verbally in response to stress or difficult emotions without realizing what they are doing. All of this can make them seem difficult or moody at times. It's important to remember that this is not their intention; Cancer is not trying to manipulate anyone. Instead, when Cancer loves someone, they want to take care of them, trying to anticipate needs and problems before they arise.

One of Cancer's greatest fears is being abandoned or left alone. For Cancer, sex is about building a bond, making love an expression of affection. When in a sexual relationship with someone else, Cancer feels less vulnerable to rejection and pain from loss because there's someone to rely on. As a result, when Cancer has a long-term partner or spouse—someone who offers them commitment in return for love—they tend to feel very secure in their feelings for that person. They'll stay committed through good times and bad, even if they fight or bicker sometimes.

Margot Robbie is a Cancer zodiac sign

Margot Robbie is a Cancer zodiac sign


The Moon rules Cancer, so it's no surprise that this sign might be slightly emotional and sensitive when it comes to matters of the heart. Cancer is very comfortable in a relationship with someone of the same element. Therefore, the best compatibility can be with Scorpio and Pisces. The values of Cancer are also shared by the Earth Triad, especially Taurus and Virgo. Cancer is not a good match with Air signs or Fire signs regarding long-term relationships.

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The crab prefers to be connected with people that are strong and motivated by inner purpose. They are drawn to those who don't let things get them down for long and always bounce back from setbacks. Cancers need these types of people in their lives to create a healthy balance when challenges come along, or they will sink into depression. Scorpio, Pisces, and Taurus are all go-getters and sensitives, making them great partners for Cancer.

Pisces is undoubtedly the best match for Cancer. Feelings are of great importance to both natives. Cancer and Pisces live in a world where the heart gives decrees and enforces them. Hence, they understand each other almost intuitively. It would be next to impossible for either sign to harm or upset one another with their actions because they share such deep connections on an emotional level. The fact that Pisces can see into Cancer's soul without even trying makes them the perfect match.

Sex can be a unique experience between a native as sensitive as Cancer and as subtle as Pisces. Both have some tendencies to make sex an art, an almost mystical experience. It is an almost magical relationship where each will feel they have found their destiny-charmed mate.

Scorpio is quite similar to Cancer, so it makes sense that these two could get along well. Both signs are emotional and will love deeply. Still, both can be a bit overbearing in their relationships because they refuse to let go of those they hold dear. Scorpio is armed with everything needed to crack open a crab shell. The excessive energy Scorpio exudes, especially sexually and financially, is a welcome tonic to Cancer's reticence and reserve. Even though this couple has minor challenges, mainly due to obsessive jealousy on both sides, Cancer's strength of understanding will keep the relationship going.

Taurus is strong, stable, grounded, and understanding Cancer's sensitive nature. Both are stubborn; therefore, there can be times when neither one wants to listen to what their partner has to say. When these two are in love and communicating, the match is made in heaven. There is much room for growth here because both will push each other to grow more as individuals and lovers. They will have lasting success if they can keep up with one another through their life journey. Let's not forget that the Moon is at home in Cancer and in exaltation in Taurus.

Ryan Reynolds is a Scorpio zodiac sign

Ryan Reynolds is a Scorpio zodiac sign


When it comes to the worst match for Cancer, things get complicated. There's a list of at least three candidates for the Worst Match for Cancer podium. However, this time, Sagittarius takes the top spot.

Cancer and Sagittarius are like oil and water when it comes to relationships. They just don't mix. Whereas Cancer is sentimental, sensitive, loyal, and a homebody, Sagittarius is adventurous, optimistic, and always on the go. While Sagittarius believes the world needs ideas to be a better place, Cancer thinks the world needs love. Sexually, partners will discover how different they are. Sagittarius makes sex like sports: athleticism, fun, sweat, and BOOM—that's it! Cancer expects feelings, emotions, spiritual love, souls entwined in the ecstasy of passion! Therefore, sooner or later, frustration is inevitable.

Suppose one partner is willing to change completely and become so flexible that they are eager to lose their essence for the sake of the relationship. In that case, things can start to work out. But a Cancer will never feel fully understood, loved, or appreciated by a person for whom "home" is just the place they come to sleep.

ake Gyllenhaal is a Sagittarius zodiac sign

Jake Gyllenhaal is a Sagittarius zodiac sign

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