Cancer Moon Sign Meaning: Personality Traits, Love, Career and Health

The Moon in the sign of Cancer is "at home", and nothing can stop the natives from expressing themselves exactly as they feel: no barriers, no worries, no limits.

Astrologically, the Moon represents the urge to make choices or act according to our security and protection needs. This need arose and settled in the first part of our existence when we were helpless, frightened and powerless infants.

The Moon gives clues about our most intimate, sensitive side, which causes us to react quickly and unconsciously to the external environment — which we usually perceive as threatening.

What are our weaknesses? What are we vulnerable to? As we are talking about defects, the characteristics given by the Moon's influence do not always do us credit, precisely because we are frequently unaware of them.


The Moon in Cancer brings emotionality, sensitivity, attachment to family and home and generates an affectionate and pleasant nature. Those with Moon in Cancer are emotional beings who love the feeling of intimacy and comfort. Natives with Moon in Cancer are lovely, friendly and kind-hearted.

When their surroundings are unfamiliar or less comfortable, they tend to retreat, feeling awkward or uncomfortable. Those born with the Moon in Cancer tend to get very attached to things they know and are familiar with. The new frightens them if it brings with it changes that are too sudden, too dramatic. They are highly receptive to the emotions of others. They are also sensitive and can be easily hurt. They are usually peaceful and affectionate, but when they feel unsafe, their mood changes quickly. Sometimes they get caught up in old memories and feelings—and then life comes and wakes them up with a shock.

Taylor Swift is born at Cancer moon

Taylor Swift is born at Cancer moon


The Cancer Moon wants to feel safe. So, Cancer Moon natives need to feel cared for and take family very seriously. They may have some subconscious abandonment issues and harbour solid desires for their life partners to reconfirm their love, appreciation. It's not that they need attention; they want to feel appreciated by their partner.

The Cancer Moon is very sensitive and intuitive and generates an almost constant state of worry psychologically. Cancer Moon natives need someone who understands their emotionality and concerns and someone who is emotionally supportive. As such, Water Moons make an excellent pair with a Cancer Moon. However, astrologically speaking, Fire Moons are too intense and can sometimes be too uncaring for sensitive Cancer Moon souls.


The native whose natal chart has the Moon in the sign of Cancer is the woman who values intimate nature and subjective experiences above all else. Throughout her life, her most significant problem is emotional lability in excess. The personality traits conferred by the Sun's position can help establish her emotional balance because, by her structure, she is constantly exposed to emotional distress. She sees herself as vulnerable — which is why she seeks attachment, shelter. She feels a great deal of understanding towards others and expects emotional reciprocity. Her actions are influenced or even determined by her feelings, plus a strong intuition. To be happy, she needs physical and emotional closeness as a representation of certainty.

In her youth and later life, the Cancer Moon woman has a childlike appearance, a sweet face, an innocent look, attitude, language, movements and preferences. Thus, her attachment to the past becomes visible in a concrete way: she carries on her face—and in her mind—the memory of times gone by when she was a child of her parents. The strong link with the past is mediated by some of the specific characteristics of this native: an excellent memory, imagination, a tendency to dream, and a strong sense of sentimentality. She can make the most of these traits through artistic creation, poetry, music and literature.

If the Moon astrologically stimulates our imagination, the Cancer Moon woman generally imagines that she is the mother of all people. Like a child, she has an innocence that sometimes borders on realism. On the one hand, she finds it hard to understand that not all people are good and honest. On the other hand, according to the principle of reciprocity, everyone must be fed and sheltered: if she is hungry, then everyone else must be too.

Shakira is born at Cancer moon

Shakira is born at Cancer moon

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The Moon in the sign of Cancer will reveal a childlike and candid, sensitive and romantic soul capable of intense emotions in the man with this aspect in the natal chart. This man shows extraordinary intuition, but, at the same time, he is a being in whom emotions develop inwardly and often without manifesting themselves on a concrete level. His need for emotionality, especially emotional stability, is pressing for him, so family and the intimacy of home are his most important values.

His inner woman is a child-woman, slightly naïve and lacking a strong personality; fresh, creative femininity, but yet to be discovered. This man will be particularly attracted to refined, feminine, romantic and dreamy women, to young, unprotective, but very empathetic women willing to "take the form" desired by the man.

However, this native risks falling in love with women who do not love him, who only want to be protected and maintained, without having the slightest idea of what a real relationship is.

Keanu Reeves is born at Cancer moon

Keanu Reeves is born at Cancer moon


At work, the energy of the Moon in Cancer is quite fluctuating, and the pace of work often follows the phases of the Moon. The natives relate to their superiors in the same way as they do to their parents. Their colleagues are a host of souls waiting to be relieved at the slightest suffering and the worst trouble.

The position of the Sun in the natal chart of those born with the Moon in Cancer is significant in this area of life, as it gives a clue to the possibility of professional success. The position of the Moon in Cancer only shows us the manner of working, the relationship with the public—the Moon also signifies the masses of people—and, only incidentally, the sphere of activity.

In this case, as we said, the artistic field as a way of expressing feelings is promising.


When the Moon is in the sign of Cancer at the time of birth, its influence on the psyche is particularly tremendous and can cause some physical ailments:

Bronchitis: "I don't like this situation, but I'm afraid to express how I feel" — it is necessary to stop being hypocritical and assume direct expression.

Bronchial asthma: "This stuff is suffocating me, but I'm resisting" — it is necessary to give up the victim role.

Burning in the head of the chest: "I'm scared, the problem has become burning!" — expresses exaggerated fear, and there is a need to stop inflaming the danger.

Inflammation of the stomach lining and stomach ulcer: "Everything is so hard, I can't cope. I don't think I'm good enough for it." — Patience, acceptance of change and letting go of perfectionism must be cultivated.

Liver and gallbladder disease: "Everyone makes mistakes, except me. It's everyone else's fault that things went wrong." — are an expression of false pride that gnaws at the person on the inside.

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