Capricorn Moon Sign Meaning: Personality Traits, Love, Career and Health

Imagine a fairy dressed in a silver-white veil dress, dreamy, sensitive and vulnerable, glued to a granite wall or even living on a cold rock in an old castle. Maximum joy, song and explosion of feelings and emotions, isn't it?

This would be the association between the Moon and Saturn, i.e. the unconscious state of mind expressed according to the pattern and with Capricornian instruments: an animal sheltering in a burrow. Vigilant and easily aggressive, defending its hide, its bark, trying to preserve its prey so that it has the security of survival for as long as possible.


The attitude of Capricorn Moon natives towards life is serious and cautious. People often perceive them as people who open the door of the house to see who is there but are ready at any moment to slam it in the face of the unwelcome guest.

Natives need to be careful about their behaviour because when they lack self-confidence, they suddenly change their behaviour and become critical of those around them.

It's also crucial for Capricorn Moon natives that their merits are recognised and appreciated. All Capricorn Moon's efforts are motivated by the desire to gain appreciation, to be recognised as an indispensable and capable person.

Reese Witherspoon is born at Capricorn moon

Reese Witherspoon is born at Capricorn moon


Capricorn Moon natives want to feel like they are creating something lasting and are looking for someone to build this with. Specifically, someone with a lot of ambition. They want their partnership to be a solid long-term force and won't settle for anything less.

In relationships, those with a Moon in Capricorn can be a bit melancholy, making them seem distant, but they will work to achieve whatever goals they have with their partners. Other earth moons will understand Capricorn moons' structured and methodical nature, but air moons often won't. Neither can fire moons understand the heart of the Capricorn Moon, especially the imposing and controlling attitude that the Capricorn Moon displays.


In domestic affairs, the Capricorn Moon demands everyone's participation and does not allow any evasions. She is often the one who has obtained the house herself and has taken care of the repairs and improvements. And unlike other women, Mrs Moon in Capricorn climbs ladders, plasters and paints, repairs a fence or a door, carries wood and digs a ditch.

The Capricorn Moon lady takes marriage and motherhood as often overwhelming obligations or necessities. From her point of view, everything that concerns home and family is an eternal duty, which she never forgets to remind her husband and children of.

She only does what she has to and does not allow deviations from the rules she imposes. If her husband does not behave as she is told, she breaks the emotional bond—which is shaky anyway—and lives in a boss-subordinate relationship with him. The Moon in Capricorn is not willing to make concessions or negotiate with people whose opinions differ from her own.

She is appreciated by those close to her family because of her respectful, polite, serious and pleasant attitude in social relations, but what is less known is her very domineering side in her private life. Behind closed doors, she becomes nagging, ruthless, unforgiving, capable of plots, eager to gain as many material advantages as possible, envious, spiteful and exclusive. Once again, we specify that the Moon works subconsciously and hope that Capricorn Moon ladies don't get angry with us.

In the case of severe deterioration of the marriage relationship, she usually refuses the idea of divorce because she believes she can still control and re-educate her partner, or so as not to lose material advantages or compromise her image as a respectable person. When she chooses to divorce, she does so thinking she's teaching her partner a hard lesson, then waiting—usually in vain—for him to regret the loss and return.

Kate Hudson is born at Capricorn moon

Kate Hudson is born at Capricorn moon

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This position of the Moon in Capricorn can seriously inhibit the inner drives of the man who has this aspect in his birth chart, so that he tends to appear cold and closed in himself, but capable of great efforts made in silence and stoicism, and often of great sacrifices for others. Awareness of his own ability to mobilise and strive may make him assume responsibility and authority towards others, but, at the other extreme, he may tend to impose tiring or frustrating attitudes and behaviour on others to discipline them. The native needs to control his emotions to maintain authority in which he feels himself to others.

The inner woman of this native is responsible and mature, showing consistency in her actions. He will look for a woman who offers him stability and emotional security first and foremost, expecting her to be both efficient and independent.

This man needs to learn to become the master of his inner universe so that he does not project his need for emotional maturity onto women, whom he then considers to be insensitive, incapable of giving him the affection he desires.

Brad Pitt is born at Capricorn moon

Brad Pitt is born at Capricorn moon


Those born with the Moon in Capricorn are excellent organisers of activities at work, in whatever field they choose to work. They have an impressive work capacity, both in the household and at work.

Capricorn Moon natives inspire confidence in superiors; they obtain good positions and jobs thanks to their competence and reliability. They manage the funds of the company or institution exceptionally, have solutions to improve ongoing projects, and come up with new initiatives, are practical and very creative. The professional plan is the area in which the Capricorn Moon finds fulfilment and happiness.


The position of the Moon in the sign of Capricorn at the time of birth predisposes to mental processes with possible repercussions on physical health:

Skeletal disorders, bone system, and calcium metabolism refer to our ability to keep our personality structure unaltered, protect our moral integrity, and accept the differences between our own value system and others. Bone deformations refer to personality traits that have been deformed by a very rigid upbringing and which are particularly difficult for us to intervene on to return to our 'original form' of our basic personality.

Joint disorders: indicate a lack of flexibility and require the development of the ability to accept a change of direction in life, sometimes unexpected or completely unwanted, but to which we must adapt, even if it does not correspond to our principles, customs or traditions. Out of all that change brings, we can select those elements that we know and can rely on—the rest of the adaptive process will take care of itself.

Hearing and otolith disorders: this refers to the exaggerated desire to maintain control over oneself, one's own reactions, and feelings, even at the risk of breaking ties with others: "I can only hear myself". It also refers to the tendency to keep one's balance at all costs: "I'm afraid of rocking the boat" — the risk being to become insensitive and out of touch with reality.

Skin conditions: refers to the view we have of ourselves and the impact we think we have on others. The skin is the largest organ of the human body, and it sets the boundaries between the individual and the environment. The way this 'boundary' presents itself, the appearance, the quality provides information about how we know how to establish collaborative relationships and how to enhance ourselves while respecting the boundaries of others.

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