The Moon Phase on My Birthday and its Meaning

Birthdays are a time for fun and celebrations. They're a chance to celebrate your life and look ahead to the many more years ahead. In astrology, there's a way of predicting what the year will hold by looking at what the moon phase on my birthday. Different moon phases have different spiritual meanings, so let's take a look at them!

  1. New Moon - Full of new adventures and relationships
  2. Waxing Moon - Progression and growth
  3. Full Moon - Completeness and a sense of achievement
  4. Waning Moon - Healing and plan for the future

If the moon phase on my birthday falls on or near a New Moon

No moon in the sky

The new moon phase is quite an easy one to look at. As you can imagine, the spiritual meaning behind it is all to do with new things and new beginnings. If you have a new moon around your birthday, it could be a sign for you to try something new.

On a deeper level, new moons are also seen to signify a year full of new things, ideas, acquaintances - anything! Expect the next twelve months of your life to be one of the craziest yet as you welcome a whole host of newness into your world.

Celebrities who were born under a new moon:

Kate Upton, Elizabeth Hurley and Prince William

If the moon phase on my birthday falls on or near a Waxing Moon

The moon phase transits from new moon to full moon

After a new moon, you will see a waxing moon. This is usually when you can see around half of the moon, and it comes midway between a new moon and a full moon. What happens if your birthday falls during this phase of the moon? Well, it's all about feeling busy and getting ready to grow. After all, that's exactly what a waxing moon is! It's a phase where the moon is getting ready to grow and display itself in full to everyone.

So, if you have a birthday around this phase, be prepared for everything to be really busy and hectic. It can seem overwhelming, but the business is seen as a positive. It's meant to encourage you to work harder and really strive to reach your upcoming goals. Remember all those resolutions and targets you set at the beginning of the year? A waxing moon birthday is a sign that your hard work is going to pay off. It signifies that this is the year you're going to see serious growth. Use this as a sign to work even harder and stop putting any projects on the back burner!

Celebrities who were born under a Waxing moon:

Keira Knightley, Natalie Portman and Rita Ora,

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If the moon phase of my birthday falls on or near a Full Moon

The whole moon is visible in the sky

The most splendid of all the phases of the moon. This is where its full beauty is displayed in the sky for all of us to see from earth. What will it mean for your birthday? Well, you're in luck as this is probably the best moon to get! A full moon symbolises completeness and a sense of achievement. The moon has made it through another full cycle, which is something to be celebrated. These ideas translate to your life when your birthday falls during a full moon.

It's seen by many keen astrologers as a huge blessing because your year is going to revolve around accomplishments. You're about to achieve so many things and see the rewards of your hard work over the last months. This can relate to all aspects of your life, both personal and private. If you're in a committed long-term relationship, this could be a big sign that things are about to become complete - are those wedding bells you hear? For those of you that are very focused at work, a full moon birthday may signify that promotion is on the cards, or you're going to accomplish something special.

It could also suggest that your year will be full of big moments that could define you. Think about any upcoming things that might relate to this - are you planning on graduating from university? Are you currently pregnant? All these sorts of things are going to be the main highlights when you look back on your year in twelve months. Full moon birthdays are very much about accomplishing big things, hitting major goals, and completing your own personal missions.

Celebrities who were born under a full moon:

Michael Jackson, Kate Bush and Andy Gibb

Spiritual meaning on your birthday

If the moon phase of my birthday falls on or near a Waning Moon

The moon phase transits from full moon to new moon

This is the phase that happens around halfway between a full moon and the new moon. Looking back at the Waxing moon, it was all about progression and growth - a chance to be busy and start new things. On the contrary, a waning moon is almost the complete opposite of that. It's not a time to look ahead, but more of a chance to look back. It signifies the closing of a chapter or the end of a cycle. That's what it means for the moon, but what does it mean for you?

Typically, it's all about looking inwards and assessing your life. It symbolises that this year will be full of a lot of closed books. Parts of your life that have gone on for some time will come to an end. For instance, if you've been working at the same company for many years, this is a sign that it could be about to stop. That doesn't have to be a bad thing - it could be motivation for you to realise this chapter needs to be closed before another one can begin. From a more personal perspective, it's a time to look at those around you and get rid of people that bring negative energy. It's all about letting go, closing the book, and getting ready to start all over again.

A waning moon also symbolises the need to rest and recover. Your year won't be about being as busy as possible, it's a chance to heal yourself and plan for the future. Think of it like a butterfly that's getting ready to shed its cocoon and give flight. You're currently in the cocoon phase, but big changes are on the horizon!

Celebrities who were born under a Waning moon:

Sarah Jessica Parker

How will you know what the moon phase will be on your birthday? Well, it's all a case of looking in the sky and seeing what you see! You can easily find out your moon phase on your birthday or your significant date below.

If your birthday falls on or around any of these phases, check the points above to see what this means!

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