Moon Sign in Astrology - What Your Moon Sign Means to You

People into horoscopes and learning about the position of the sun at your time of birth will most likely be aware of what signs mean. However, not everyone does. Plus, there are two types of signs that say something about our personalities and true selves.

If you ask someone “what is your sign?”, then they will most likely answer with their sun sign. There are 12 sun signs, which reflect the period of the year in which a person was born. For instance, if a person is born between May 21st and June 20th of any year, they are a Gemini. Gemini personality traits reflect the essence of your personality. These are the signs most people are aware of in astrology.

On the flip side, the second type of sign is a moon sign. The moon sign relates and reflects the “mushy centre” within oneself. Moon signs reveal deeper meanings of your personality.

Not everyone connects to their sun sign. Although it says a lot about your external self, not everyone relates to it. Thus, some connect more with their moon sign as it dives deeper into the cosmos and your birth moment. It is important to know the difference to see which you connect with more so that you can understand more about yourself.

Seeing as the two are different, today we are sharing:

  • What is a Sun sign?
  • What is a Moon sign?
  • What they mean
  • How they work together

What is Sun sign?

A sun sign reflects where the sun was positioned at the time of an individual’s birth.

Astrology suggests that a person’s sun sign reflects their personality and qualities. It represents a person’s thought process and external self. However, not everyone relates to their sun sign. Instead, their moon sign says a lot more about them and their unique complexities.

What is Moon sign?

Opposingly, a person’s moon sign reflects where the moon was positioned at the time of birth. It represents an individual’s characteristics and how a person’s mind and emotional side work.

Typically, the moon sign is more likely to control a person’s personality and soul as it is a deeper reflection of their unique qualities.

The moon orbits the earth every 27.5 days. Its fast movements mean that the moon is forever transforming. As a reflection of that, a person’s moon sign will reveal how a person deals with emotions and situations. A person’s moon sign will have a more truthful reflection of how someone deals with life experiences.

It is common for an astrologer to relate to moon signs as “mother” signs, as it represents how a person finds comfort within themselves. Similarly, it reflects how a person develops a sense of security and dives deeper into a person’s private emotions.

What is Moon sign

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What does Moon sign mean and what do the 12 signs say about you?

Your moon sign will say a lot about your internal self. It is closely linked with the deepest emotions and traits inside of you. It points you towards what you need in life. Depending on your star sign, this is what your moon sign says about you:

Aries - Moon sign meaning

Aries: easily excited yet easily aggressive. The moon sign for Aries reflects how a person struggles to express their true emotions clearly.

Taurus - Moon sign meaning

Taurus: Taurus’ are sensual to the core. They are ruled by Venus and are extremely loyal to those they love.

Gemini - Moon sign meaning

Gemini: Gemini’s deals with emotions by talking them out. Whether someone is listening or not, they will spill their thoughts and feelings. This allows them to be smart and rational with their feelings.

Cancer - Moon sign meaning

Cancer: Cancer’s feel most comfortable when they reflect on the past and dive deep into nostalgia. They are great assessors of situations when they are on the outside.

Leo - Moon sign meaning

Leo: Leo’s are caring souls with huge hearts and show this through lavish actions. Although they have a fiery ego, they are loyal and trusting.

Virgo - Moon sign meaning

Virgo: Virgo’s dislike drama and move away from it quickly. They are fair-minded and have high standards, which makes them picky and choosy. Yet, they are totally decisive.

Libra - Moon sign meaning

Libra: Libra’s are life-long partners, they are in it for the long haul. They are often less emotional but love to show love through food and gifts.

Scorpio - Moon sign meaning

Scorpio: Scorpio’s are highly fierce and energetic. They find it difficult to hide their true feelings yet only let people in close when they have full trust in them.

Sagittarius - Moon sign meaning

Sagittarius: the Sagittarius moon signs reflects how optimistic and lucky they are. They love to globetrot and be involved with intellectual conversations. They are strong protectors of themselves and are not afraid to fight back.

Capricorn - Moon sign meaning

Capricorn: Capricorn’s are persistent and love to recognized for their strengths. They often strive for perfection and won’t stop until they get there.

Aquarius - Moon sign meaning

Aquarius: the Aquarius moon sign represents how much comfort they find in exploring. They love to be surrounded by like-minded people, those that are strong-minded.

Pisces - Moon sign meaning

Pisces: Pisces are creative by nature. They are highly sentimental and sensitive. They often absorb other people’s emotions, which has an effect on them.

How do your Sun and Moon signs work together?

A person’s moon signs work behind the scenes. It is a hidden character. Yet, a person knows and relates to their moon sign on an everyday basis as it reflects a person’s emotional side.

The moon sign works with the sun sign well if they are harmonious. The moon sign provides what the sun sign needs. For instance, if a person’s sun sign requires confidence, the moon sign will provide it.

Likewise, if a person’s moon sign needs some attention and happiness, the sun sign will provide it. They work together to balance a person’s everyday experience, emotion, and personality.

Reaching complete recognition and a deeper connection with oneself, it is important to understand sun and moon signs. More importantly, it is crucial to acknowledge how they work together. When a person’s sun and moon signs are harmonious, a person can reach a better quality of life and emotional wellbeing.

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