Pisces Moon Sign Meaning: Personality Traits, Love, Career and Health

At the end of the zodiac, the Moon vibrates in a totally different register from its starting point. While in Aries, it causes the native to act quickly under the impulse of the first experience, the first spark, the Moon in Pisces, is subject to the influence of the environment and reacts to external psychological factors.

The Moon in Pisces shows its inclination to obey and serve the Sun's position in the natal chart totally, unconditionally. Depending on the sign of the Sun, the personality traits of the native are accentuated for better or worse.


Those born with the Moon in Pisces often have a slightly trembling voice, wandering eyes, offer some sense of insecurity and seem to be easily impressionable and easily influenced. Of course, these touches are in keeping with their basic personality—the Pisces Moon encourages the manifestation of the Sun and Ascendant. Their emotional behaviour always seems vulnerable and in a perpetual swing. When they accumulate great tension and inner turmoil, Pisces Moon natives can suffer a blockage in verbal expression, becoming mute as a fish.

Also, those born with Moon in Pisces may be great fatalists or strongly believe in the beneficial force of thought, the universe, divine protection, etc. They may have a gentle, kind and understanding attitude or may indulge in states of anxiety, unhappiness, discouragement, indolence, gossip, greed. They do not always attach importance to material matters but show interest in human weaknesses, where their tolerance fluctuates between sincere compassion and absurd credulity.

Those born with the Moon in Pisces possess a solid and active imagination, but one that can be directed both constructively and destructively: they can take refuge in both idyllic dreams and dark nightmares—all the products of their imagination. They may have outstanding artistic qualities, which, depending on the other elements of their personality structure, they can put to good use, or they may be content to dream for a lifetime about how the world, and their lives included, should or could look.

Rita Ora is born at Aquarius moon

Rita Ora is born at Pisces moon


The Pisces Moons crave compassion, creativity and a touch of fantasy, not ignoring the need for security.

Pisces Moons are also healers, so having someone around to lend a helping hand when they're exhausted would be great. So very high compatibility exists with Water Moons. With a bit of effort, a lasting and harmonious relationship can be achieved with Earth Moons. However, the Fire Moons would end up annihilating or consuming the Pisces Moons.


The woman with the Moon in Pisces goes through fluctuating emotional processes—sometimes intense, sometimes neutral. She is by turns sensual and indecisive, dreamy and romantic—actually inconsistent. Eager for diversity but encountering obstacles in emotional relationships, she is easily impressed, readily accepts double binds that she finds tolerable in the name of loves she idealises and suffers disappointment as a result.

If the Aquarius Moon lets the Sun express its traits freely, the Pisces Moon plays along with it, encourages it, pampers it, nourishes it. This is how the Pisces Moon expresses itself—through the Sun. And frequently, the Pisces Moon lady lives for the person who embodies the Sun, for and by her partner. There is no better supporter for an ambitious man than a Pisces Moon woman.

Kim Kardashian is born at Aquarius moon

Kim Kardashian is born at Pisces moon

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The soul of this man is sensitive, artistic, often filled with dreaminess, fantasy and detachment. This man likes to stay away from reality and feels at peace only when he has a warm welcome and an intense emotional exchange with his loved one. His emotions are intense and usually well hidden from prying eyes by his bright smile and childlike attitude.

This man's inner woman is compassionate and dreamy, endowed with great intuition and empathy. This woman is very devoted and is capable of many sacrifices. She will have to help him get to know his own world of feelings and inner experiences, with its immense emotional potential.

This man must try not to live in a world of dreams and illusions, losing contact with reality. Still, he must seek to penetrate as deeply as possible into the depths of his soul, constantly maintaining a state of lucidity and clarity over his whole being.

Kanye West is born at Aquarius moon

Kanye West is born at Pisces moon


The Pisces Moon fully supports the activity and needs of the Sun, so the direction in the native's life and career is not underlined by the Moon in this case but by other elements in the natal chart.

However, the positive influences that the Pisces Moon received at birth may predispose the native to activities and professions where compassion and intuition are essential elements (e.g. psychologist, therapist, educator, healer and even clairvoyant, etc.).


The influence of the Moon in Pisces on physical health, when it is sensitised by mental activity, is felt as follows:

Mood disorders are the most common and specific to this placement: they require reconciliation with oneself and the strengthening of confidence that there is a solution for every problem. It refers to some form of emotional dependency picked up as a pattern from the family of origin. Sometimes the solutions do not depend on our will, and sometimes we need to act to get out of a blockage—nervous breakdowns are caused by difficulty in making decisions. It is necessary to develop discernment and a sense of responsibility.

Neuroses of any kind: refers to the tendency to incorporate different, divergent, incompatible principles into one's thought system (e.g. distrust, scepticism and the desire for spiritual upliftment through adherence to a belief, school of thought or spiritual practice).

Metabolic disorders: refers to any form of exaggeration of both negative and positive impact events. Requires a realistic assessment of events and adjustment of emotional reactions to them.

Any form of foot pain: refers to indecision, fear and the need to take a particular direction in life, even at the risk of a significant loss.

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