Sagittarius Moon Sign Meaning: Personality Traits, Love, Career and Health

Of all the Fire signs, Sagittarius is the most favourable for the Moon. Sagittarius "pushes" the Moon from behind to run away, not to stand still, to find solutions, resources, options, to leap over troubles, like horses at a horse show.


The truth is that life's trials do not bypass the Sagittarius Moon natives at all, but their great advantage is that they always exude a positive attitude. Their general mood is that of a person at peace with themselves and with life.

The Moon in Sagittarius endows its natives with both sensitivity and courage. There is somewhere deep within their soul the intuition and then the conviction that by pursuing a goal, they will achieve it. And it usually does. Their optimistic nature, almost prophetic intuition and love of freedom acquired through knowledge help them a lot. Of course, there are times when the tendency towards independence pushes Sagittarius Moon-born people, especially in adolescence, towards recklessness, but no one is perfect.

The only negative trait of the Moon in Sagittarius is the inability to save energy. Therefore, the native must learn to relax.

Emma Watson is born at Sagittarius moon

Emma Watson is born at Sagittarius moon


Sagittarius Moon enjoys adventure and variety and often shies away from feeling claustrophobic or stuck in a relationship.

The Sagittarius Moon is passionate, open-minded and free-spirited, so it makes a good combination with another Fire Moon. The Sagittarius Moon can also have a functional and harmonious relationship with an Air Moon. Still, the Earth Moon might not be very tolerant of the adventurous spirit of the Sagittarius Moon. On the other hand, the Sagittarius Moon is simply overwhelmed by the emotional charge of the Water Moon.


Miss Sagittarius Moon attracts the attention of others through kindness, humour, generosity—specifically Jupiterian qualities. Thus, although very well intentioned, she may make promises she cannot keep, and in her love life, she tends to impose her own rhythm on her partner. But on the same note, she can adopt an excessively emotional attitude, pushing the boundaries of specific circumstances in her personal life.

She flirts with great ease and visible joy, and as time goes by, the fickleness of her heart and desire for better results in a few marriages that she does not regret but from which she usually learns lessons.

To the partner, she is a freedom-loving, cheerful and challenging to tame little equine animal, easily adaptable and able to manipulate the relationship a bit to get what she wants, but very importantly, not to the detriment of the other! If he understands in time that he is dealing with a smart, straightforward little woman who is a bit tactless in conversation and doesn't really accept anything but her own point of view from the outside, he will have a funny and active life. If not, then this partner, boyfriend or husband should expect the horse show to go on without him in the lead role—because she may be fun and cocky on the surface, but inside she's restless and running around looking for the love she really believes in. And she won't shy away from starting the story over again, on a different geographical coordinate, with another jockey.

Jennifer Aniston is born at Sagittarius moon

Jennifer Aniston is born at Sagittarius moon

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The man who has the Moon in Sagittarius has a soul eager for adventure and knowledge. There is a side of his personality that does not know how to be satisfied with what he has, and that is eternally in search of more, better, something new: a philosophy, an idea, an answer to the countless questions that come from the depths of his being.

The native is inclined towards exploration, in various senses, from world travel to intellectual and spiritual quests. He have excellent emotional availability and can love people, and life conjuncts without attachment to anyone or anything, while maintaining a great degree of inner freedom.

His ideal woman is sporty, conquering, adventurous and active, always looking for something out of reach. The women he is attracted to are constantly on the move and want a continuously improved future. They are optimistic and effervescent, with high moral values and firm convictions of their own.

This man may come to see only the fickleness in the female universe and think that women deserve no trust because they are utterly unpredictable. He must seek to overcome this erroneous view, realising that he is the one who falls in love with women who are distant, either geographically or culturally. It is precisely this tendency that makes it impossible for him to have lasting and stable love relationships.

Justin Timberlake is born at Sagittarius moon

Justin Timberlake is born at Sagittarius moon


Regardless of their chosen profession, Sagittarius Moon natives are first and foremost people who have something to say, and that's because they believe they possess a superior ability to understand notions of right and wrong. They always have a funny story to tell their colleagues, an offhand attitude, a good idea, a life-saving solution.

What matters is less the field in which they end up working than their detached attitude and the naturalness with which they present and argue their opinions. When those born with the Moon in Sagittarius are very unhappy, they can end up emitting pretentious ideas, having impulsive, uncontrolled reactions, becoming agitated and unpredictable.

Sagittarius Moons use their body language when they find their words insufficiently persuasive, and they usually succeed. They are aware of the big difference between intention and concrete result, which also affects their salary expectations: they have a relatively relaxed attitude towards money, but it always comes in the course of life and, statistically speaking, natives with Moon in Sagittarius are either very wealthy or pursued by shortcomings throughout life.


The psychic influence of the Moon's position in Sagittarius in the natal chart can impact physical health.

Pain or dysfunction (trauma, ankylosis) of the sacral area and coccyx: "How have I advanced in life? How did I walk? Was I only interested in external targets? Where did I get stuck or lost?". It requires learning to be calm and understanding that progress, growth are complex processes, which must be directed inwards, and less outwards. In more severe cases of hip damage—operations, prosthesis—the meaning refers to the fact that the native can no longer stand on his own feet. It takes a great deal of honesty to move forward because the native seems to have tried to progress in outer actions under the impetus of ideals that did not correspond to his inner nature. In other words, the native attempted to develop something outwardly that was not really desired (or possible) inwardly. Other vital questions would be, "Where have I let myself get caught up in dreams that are too lofty? In what direction am I overestimating my possibilities?"—the answers provide the solution.

Predisposition to fatness refers to the tendency to exaggerate the importance of certain external factors (situations, people) and allow them to influence one's life. It is an unconscious defence of the native, who "hides behind the fat" instead of facing the problem or the person who bothers him or invades his space.

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