Scorpio Moon Sign Meaning: Personality Traits, Love, Career and Health

Moon is in the domicile of two male characters, one more ruthless than the other, Mars and Pluto. It is a challenging placement for expressing qualities such as gentleness, protectiveness, tenderness or sensitivity.


Scorpio Moon will imprint a note of perseverance, of rigidity in the native's attitude. Those born with Moon in Scorpio seek to control their environment. Their bonds with others are pretty tenuous, as they have a set of standards from which they do not deviate.

Dramas in the personal life of Scorpio Moon natives are endured with strength because there is a unique strength in their structure that they release even outwardly—no one will see any signs of weakness in them, they will never beg for a shoulder to cry on.

Natives with Moon in Scorpio keep their emotions tightly suppressed and sometimes hide their feelings even from themselves. When those close to them see Scorpio Moon natives laughing uproariously, they wonder if they are heartbroken at that moment and if, in their minds, they have already begun to conceive their plan for revenge.

Scarlett Johansson is born at Scorpio moon

Scarlett Johansson is born at Scorpio moon


Few natal chart positions are more intense than a Moon in Scorpio. Those born with a Moon in Scorpio crave the same intensity in relationships, especially in the bedroom. They want to feel like they're part of a strong couple—but that has to come after they finally allow themselves to trust and open up to each other.

Scorpio Moons are loyal to the end and expect the same devotion from their partner—never forgive infidelity! While it can be hard for them to open up and be vulnerable, other Water Moons would be the people best able to help them do so. Earth Moons are also compatible with the Scorpio Moon. But Fire Moons, on the other hand, are only sexually compatible or one-night stands.


For Mrs Scorpio Moon, life brings nothing without a fight and intuitions and hunches often take the place of dialogue, especially when the partner is not willing to provide explicit information... When her attitude becomes aggressive when sudden and revolutionary decisions, it is a sign that her emotions have reached a critical threshold, and she is trying to stifle them.

In general, the Scorpio Moon woman is suspicious. She never ceases to subject her partner to various tests so that although on the surface she may appear calm and harmless, she is actually carefully hiding her feelings, even after a lifetime together. For the Lady Moon in Scorpio, anger quickly becomes a desire for revenge, and love is a permanent battleground for power. She's a straightforward woman, capable of waiting for anything to achieve her goals.

Even the most decent—depending on natal Sun sign—Lady Moon in Scorpio has a tendency to direct situations or even conspire to achieve the desired outcome. In her case, desires, especially unfulfilled ones, risk becoming obsessions.

The man who dares to live with her must take the risks of living with a person who is or can become overnight cynical, ardent, manipulative, perfectionist, spiteful, ruthless, eccentric and unruly. Consequently, he should be much more of all these things: a kind of Superman.

Katy Perry is born at Scorpio moon

Katy Perry is born at Scorpio moon

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The native men with Moon in Scorpio hide a rather complex soul, made up of desires, passions and challenges, and fears and resentments towards the representatives of the beautiful sex. This man's emotions are extreme, ambivalent and hard to control because sometimes they swing between intense love and equally intense hate. These men have a strong moral conscience, being endowed with intuition and psychic abilities.

Because of this aspect of the Moon, his inner woman is mysterious, provocative and passionate, exuding magnetism and having great sexual energy. He will want his lover to be passionate and erotically wild, dominated by emotions as intense and deep as his own.

He appreciates the feisty woman who will do everything in her power to be with him, to win him over and even to dominate him.

This native will have to seek to integrate the erotic states he experiences with such frenzy in the most refined and elevated way, not allowing himself to be dominated only by pleasure and passion. He must also control the negative, destructive impulses and emotions he still experiences, transforming them into ecstatic, divine states.

Eddie Murphy is born at Scorpio moon

Eddie Murphy is born at Scorpio moon


In professional life, the Scorpio Moon native is enterprising, self-confident, motivated and, above all, capable of immense efforts to achieve the coveted success.

Those born with the Moon in Scorpio build strategies and long-range plans, know how to protect their interests. They are not very comfortable colleagues. Some can't keep up with Scorpio Moon natives or don't understand their demands. To others, Scorpio Moon responds sarcastically when they become intrusive or annoying. Scorpio Moon people do not accept the weaknesses of others and even end up despising them.

The Scorpio Moon is very interested in occult subjects and the nature of the human psyche. So, life can often lead the native into areas that have to do with psychiatry, esotericism, hospitals, prisons, monasteries, research, investigations, police, justice — in essence, all the "underground" areas in which the human being is, in one way or another, in uncomfortable situations.


Intense mental activity due to the position of the Moon in Scorpio can cause physical ailments such as:

Sterility, abortion: "I would love to have a child, but..."; "Children are too big a responsibility for me"; "I fear losing my freedom"; "How can one give birth to a child in a world like this?" — reflects the fear of going through a process of transformation, similar to the emergence of a new life and requires the acceptance that no one remains forever young, that the passage of man through life implies change, maturation, deterioration. That eternal youth is an abstract but perpetual concept embodied by the existence of children.

Impotence, frigidity: reflecting unrealistic expectations about the experiences of sexual life, both of the native and his partner. Anxiety about one's own performance is often caused by a high level of self-demand. Traumatic sexual experiences have the same effect. Accepting that there are only certain suitable partners for each person will have a liberating effect. Impotence is mainly about how the native perceives the notion of freedom — what it is, what its limits are and what its role is in human life.

Menstrual cycle disorders: "For no particular reason, I find it hard to accept that I am a woman", "My sexuality disturbs me. The best thing would be to ignore it" — reflect a reaction of rejection of one's own femininity, either as a consequence of the feeling that the native is rejected by her partner, or she refuses to get close to him. Correct assessment of why the woman remains involved in that relationship, clarification of the dissonance between her desires and real possibilities and, above all, understanding that sexuality is an expression of soul needs are of great help in this situation.

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