Taurus Moon Sign Meaning: Personality Traits, Love, Career and Health

Astrologically, the Moon in Taurus is in exaltation, and it's like a fusion between the Moon and Venus. Regardless of what other indications the birth chart gives, this Moon position is powerful and visible to all natives.


Those born with the Moon in Taurus have an instinctive need for material security. This doesn't necessarily mean that they have a materialistic attitude, just that they need everything to be materially arranged to feel secure enough to pursue other interests. They have a strong sense of values, possibly inherited from their mother, are emotionally stable, and other people feel calm around them.

For natives with a Moon in Taurus, the easiest way to calm down after an emotional overload is to eat something good. In this case, the old instinct kicks in: if there's something good to eat in the house, all is not lost. Life goes on, and everyone can relax and forget about the unpleasantness.

The Taurus Moon is extremely strong-willed but also has some vulnerabilities but nobody knows them.

Keira Knightley is born at Taurus moon

Keira Knightley is born at Taurus moon


The Taurus Moon falls in love quite quickly, but with this infatuation comes commitment — there is no other way!

Also, for natives with Moon in Taurus, there are no half measures in relationships. They give a lot and want it all! Perhaps the biggest fear of Taurus Moon natives—besides poverty—is the fear that they are not loved enough. Even though they have this fear, they love with all their heart and are capable of unimaginable sacrifices. However, who would dare to betray and break the heart of a Taurus Moon? Who would want to face the wrath of a bull + the desire for revenge of 100 women? — No one!

Well, history says that the bravest of the zodiac—the fire signs—have tried. But all we know from this whole adventure is that the Taurus Moon has an undeniable intuition, and our heroes have never been heard from again.

And because natives with Moon in Taurus forgive, but don't forget, there is not much compatibility between Taurus Moon and fire signs.


The Taurus Moon woman is easy to notice: calm, kind, and benevolent; she exudes a state of tranquillity and peace.

This native's emotions are not as turbulent as in the case of the Aries Moon woman. The woman with Moon in Taurus always seems at peace with herself and is generally immune to outside problems. Her emotional and affective feelings are so well-grounded that the first impression she makes is her last — she has long-term likes and indefinite dislikes.

The Moon in Taurus woman is said to be very possessive. She knows what is hers and will not allow anyone to tamper with her possessions, including her husband, of course! Taurus Moon is very realistic and doesn't chase rainbows.

More than for any other woman, for the Taurus Moon woman, comfort and security—both material and emotional—are necessary, important, vital even.

Jessica Alba is born at Taurus moon

Jessica Alba is born at Taurus moon

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In the article about the Aries Moon, we said that the Moon has a special symbolism for a man. The soul of every man contains within it the image of the eternal feminine or, in other words, his inner woman or anima.

A man with the Moon in Taurus has a warm and hospitable soul. He has a strong practical sense and finds it easy to express his feelings through concrete actions; the hedonistic side of his soul predisposes him towards stability and security. He will seek to satisfy these emotional needs by choosing a gentle lover who is good at housework and housekeeping.

The man with Moon in Taurus likes women who are vital, practical and capable of caring for the home and family. His inner woman is stable, strong, capable of providing security and taking care of the man's life on all levels. He wants a traditionalist woman, a woman who never asks for anything but who knows how to give, feed, and receive guests, who will perpetuate his way of thinking and his love of family and home.

The Taurus Moon man must try not to project his negative traits, which are possessiveness, attachment and laziness, onto his beloved because he must free himself from the obsession of possessiveness.

Robert Downey Jr is born at Taurus moon

Robert Downey Jr is born at Taurus moon


Professionally, natives Moon in Taurus stand out for the wave of sympathy they naturally attract. They make a clear distinction between their social and personal lives.

Those born with Moon in Taurus have an excellent memory, are perfectionists, cautious, good executors but are hard to mobilise. When running a business, Taurus Moon knows how to choose profitable paths and the right people. Natives gain a lot by their kind attitude, but they take an unyielding, even uncompromising stance regarding financial matters. When they feel wronged or very insecure, their indulgence and kindness quickly turn to resentment and a desire to make everything up. Their gaze narrows and their decisions are brutal and final.


Johanna Paungger and Thomas Poppe, in one of their books, tell us that the Moon in Taurus influences the health of natives in the following way:

Redness in the throat, tonsillitis: "There are so many things (sad, beautiful, anger-filled) I would like to say, but I dare not" — requires open expression, even if it involves risk.

Ears infections: "I don't like what I hear at all; it's so painful!" — requires acknowledgement of the inner voice and acceptance of the truth others tell us.

Hyperthyroidism: reflects fear of losing someone's attention, not being recognised, decreased self-confidence.

Thyroid insufficiency: expresses dissatisfaction with self and requires unreserved acceptance of self and letting go of fretting.

Dental problems: indicate indecision, lack of decision-making power, uncertainty about the rightness of decisions made.

The Moon in Taurus has a fundamental lesson for natives. They need to learn to let go of possessiveness and stubbornness, to learn that people are not possessions.

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