Virgo Moon Sign Meaning: Personality Traits, Love, Career and Health

We are back in the rational world ruled by Mercury. Rational not only in theory, as in Gemini territory, but also practice.

Everyone has their vulnerabilities of "lunar" origin. In the case of some, sensitivity is linked to an auxiliary system of processing emotions based on physical and chemical principles. In other words: if the synapses work, we have sensitivity; if they don't, we don't! And then, we can say that the individual was born when the Moon was in the sign of Virgo.


Moon in Virgo brings a strong intellect, sociability, excellent memory, attraction to travel and bond with friends. Those with Moon in Virgo are benevolent, analytical, understanding, honest and kind, loving social interaction. At the same time, they are reserved, "down to earth" people. They are conscientious and fair and are happy when things are going well around them when everything is in perfect order. People with the Moon in Virgo can perfectly keep order among their feelings: they don't have emotional outbursts. The natives know how to give the most correct and appropriate advice, making people feel comfortable in their presence. Among the negative tendencies of the Virgo Moon are criticism, self-doubt, and the desire for perfection.

Blake Lively is born at Virgo moon

Blake Lively is born at Virgo moon


Analytical and intelligent, the Virgo Moon appreciates the chance to solve problems and feel of service to others. The Virgo Moon native likes mental stimulation but can be prone to anxiety and worry. Moreover, the Virgo Moon is a critical person, not only of themselves but also of potential partners. Virgo Moon standards are pretty high, sometimes hard to reach. But there is a psychological vulnerability that Virgo Moon has. If you allow the natives to be helpful and appreciate and acknowledge their efforts and merits, you easily win their hearts.

In a relationship, the Queen of the Night in Virgo would do anything for the person she loves. The most favourable and lasting relations are with Earth Moons. The least compatible and lasting relationships are with Air Moons because they have their heads in the clouds and are tiresome and hard to tolerate for Virgo Moon principles and practicality.


The Moon in Virgo is not a colossal success on the personal and sentimental level—as well as professionally. First and foremost, emotions exist to be expressed, and in life, emotions are the spark. Our native usually knows what she wants but can't express. She rationalizes her feelings and dissects them to such an extent that she concludes that she doesn't have feelings, and even if she did, what's the point of expressing them? It doesn't lead to anything, she doesn't seem to be worth much, and Prince Charming isn't much of a man either, so what's the point of bothering with it? And, as a result of a chain of refulgences, she ends up experiencing a lingering sense of insecurity, sometimes even self-loathing, which eventually drives her away from people.

How, though, does she get married? Because she's so pretty, she attracts partners — but looks at marriage more in terms of efficiency, as a business partnership. Pragmatic as she is, she sees nothing wrong with it. But later, over the years, she deftly hides the unpleasantness and unhappiness of marriage. She is discreet in her display of both love and grief. Depending on the overall natal chart, the Moon in Virgo often shows great patience and the ability to put up with an unsuitable partner. This is not an effort for her because, being quite introverted and emotionally cold, she seldom feels the lack of affection from her partner. She is more bound by concern for work, health and routine activities.

Miss Hypothetical-Life-Lady is both sexy and icy, demanding and restless, brooding and full of taboos, attached to family and home but romantically distant, sometimes so calculating as to be cunning and deceitful. On the other hand, she rather likes solitude because, deep down, there are two tendencies: either she is self-deprecating, or no one is good enough for her, and she is too good to waste her time and energy on all the misfits. Since she can't overlook insignificant details that others don't even notice, she constantly screens her suitors until she has an impressive track record of failed relationships.

Natalie Portman is born at Virgo moon

Natalie Portman is born at Virgo moon

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The Virgo Moon has an analytical and restrained nature in expressing emotions and feelings. He calculates and analyses everything and will manifest outwardly what he decides is necessary and helpful to others.

His anima—the inner woman—is represented by a woman of great purity of soul and naturalness, with an air of virtue. He has an upright character and, for this very reason, turns his attention to a very rigorous woman, capable of expressing her feelings but who also has a highly developed moral sense.

However, this man is also very rigid and sometimes has no access to his feelings, making it difficult to express his deep emotions. Because of this, he may perceive women as inferior to men.

Zayn Malik is born at Virgo moon

Zayn Malik is born at Virgo moon


Professionally, Virgo Moon natives are the perfect employees. Highly organized and hard-working, eager to assert themselves in their square, they are always willing to offer a practical set of solutions to both superiors and colleagues. They are happy when their advice is followed and their contribution is recognized. They are good performers and reliable employees. They know how to choose their subordinates and share tasks. On the other hand, they are very demanding and inflexible about deadlines. They tend to become workaholics, forgetting about their own basic needs (food, rest, personal life) in favour of work.

Their good education, intelligence and diligence make them choose various professions, which involve making the most of their intellectual skills — literature, teaching, accountancy, chemistry, pharmacy, technology and IT, research in any field.

In particular, the Virgo Moon shows an innate ability for investigations of all kinds. The secretary who knows everything that moves in a company is likely to be Mrs. or Miss Virgo Moon. And last but not least, the nurse or nutrition counsellor is very likely to fall into this category.


The presence of the Moon in Virgo at the time of birth predisposes to some subliminal disorders, as follows: Intestinal disorders: "I don't have enough time to digest everything properly. And even if I had time, I prefer to look elsewhere and find another concern." — reflects the need to understand and assimilate the past with all its lessons, realistically, without regret, anger or guilt. Constipation: "The past has more to offer me than the present or the future. No one offers me anything, so you'll get nothing from me!" — requires the understanding that everything you get has a price, and life must be lived with a light heart both spiritually and physically. Obesity of any degree: "How can I protect myself from the injury of self-love?" "I've never had true love" (arms); "When I needed it no one helped me, now I can do without you!"(abdomen); "I'll never forgive my parents for this!" (hips); "I'll never forgive my father for this!" (thighs) — Weight gain represents difficulty in forgiving and consequently the accumulation of resentment. Hate (unacknowledged) is the result of wasted hopes, unfulfilled expectations and unrealistic ideals. Pancreatic diseases: "Nothing in my life gives me any pleasure. Everything passes me by, and nothing sweet delights my taste anymore" — reflects the difficulty of overcoming life's bitterness and the inability to find beauty and pleasure in everyday living.

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