A Gift For First Wedding Anniversary

Traditionally paper is the first anniversary gift because it symbolizes a new blank page or a new chapter in life as husband and wife. Paper is the perfect metaphor for your journey as a couple as it is derived from trees, where they grow and flourish from tiny seeds, symbolising the growth together in the years to come.

First anniversary gift

Capturing that magical moment is something worth being remembered for a lifetime

There is nothing more romantic than putting your vows and promises into words on a piece of paper. In olden times, lovers gave their fiancée a stack of love letters bound in a red ribbon. Nowadays we have so many choices for paper gifts other than love letters. A personalized moon print to remember That Very Night you said "i do" or That Very Night you began your journey together is something that will always leave a long lasting impression.

No matter what gift you choose, it’s the sentiment and the story behind it that matters. Capturing that magical moment on journey is something worth being remembered for a lifetime.