New Feature: Font Pairing

This month’s limited edition print is a little different. We have decided to introduce a Font Pairing feature. The Font within a print is one of the mostimportant elements bringing your memory to life. We can think of Font Pairings in the same way as a Food and Wine Pairing. Both equally important and enjoyed on its own. But together, they work harmoniously to bring the experience to a whole new level.

When you personalise your print, click on the “Font Pairing” toggle under the “Theme Option” tab. Here you will be able to choose different fonts for different subsections. We have also added 2 italic fonts - Lato and Libre Baskerville as well as the option to no longer capitalize all the characters. Happy Pairing all!

Left: Rubik Right: Libre Baskerville / Libre Baskerville (italic) / Courier Prime

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