Leo Moon Sign Meaning: Personality Traits, Love, Career and Health

Watching the world bathed in light, the Moon in Leo imagines that it is the source of the radiance that falls to earth. It, therefore, identifies itself with the Sun.

If the Moon in Cancer weeps writing love poems and smelling violets pressed between the pages of a romance novel, the Moon in Leo doesn't even waste time listening to people talk about it.

From the height of their stature and rank, Moon in Leo believes that the reason for their existence on earth is to be taken notice of, and only gods can deserve the same treatment.

The Moon in Leo native has a deep sense of greatness and is sometimes quite a remarkable person, standing out amid the entourage he belongs to and dominates. Deep down, people born with the Moon in Leo believe that they are extraordinary beings and deserve to live at a very high level.


Moon in Leo brings the strength of character, pride, courage, generosity, a strong ego, passion for extravagant and luxurious things. Those with Moon in Leo don't shy away from responsibilities and are quick to take them on. They like to be the centre of attention, knowing they are admired, respected, appreciated for their merits. They are born to lead and come out ahead, not being lead or standing in the shadows. They tend to dominate and impose themselves easily.

They have a tremendous power of attraction for the opposite sex and are therefore exposed to love affairs. If they love, they can be highly possessive. They are also passionate, stubborn beings, inclined towards art and design. They can be bombastic and boastful, with a tendency to exaggerate or distort things. Pride is their weakness, and they can be easily hurt.

Katie Holmes is born at Leo moon

Katie Holmes is born at Leo moon


Those born with Moon in Leo have no problem with attention or affection—both of which they will demand from their partner. They also love the excitement in all forms and want someone to celebrate life with. These people are true romantics, so when they fall in love with someone, they may even end up unravelling an addiction to their loved one.

If Leo Moon natives succeed in getting their partner the absolute adoration they desire, they will reward their partner with loyalty, trust and a deep and passionate relationship. But at the slightest misunderstanding, Leo Moon is ready to betray their love partner. Fire Moons will do best in love with Leo Moon, but Earth and Water Zodiacs may not have the energy and tolerance to satisfy the subconscious and always exaggerated needs of the Leo Moon.


In romantic relationships, the Moon in Leo feels wonderful. Cheerful, enthusiastic, lively, loyal and passionate, tireless in demonstrating her ardent love, she generously offers her affection: "I give you permission to kiss me! Now!". So great is her readiness for love that she falls in love with both the man she loves and herself.

She expresses an essential side of her quivering soul and choleric temperament through love, giving performances, knowingly exaggerating, and putting on a show. The Moon in Leo woman lives intensely instinctual life, a situation in which reason pales alarmingly and gives way to the desire to feel worshipped, surrounded by luxury, pampered, admired and kept in the fluff. And another crucial element: even if she doesn't say it, she is constantly expecting presents!

The children of the Leo Moon lady will learn from an early age about self-worship, fancy meals and clothes, and elite schools. They will learn to trust themselves and to assert their will. They will also have to understand that their mother is the "queen of the hive", and like any queen, she loves them dearly, of course, but first and foremost, she shines and—beware—commands!

Lana Del Rey is born at Leo moon

Lana Del Rey is born at Leo moon

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This man has a very bright soul, he shares the sunlight, and that's why he is regal, emanating emotional warmth and a lot of security. He is extremely passionate, capable of great impulses, but also of pride and stubbornness if his worth is not recognised. His soul has a strong sense of honour, but he has a solid need to assert himself and make an impression on anyone, wherever he goes.

A man with the Moon in Leo will feel very comfortable with a woman who resembles his inner feminine ideal: authoritative, proud, always in the spotlight and admired for her qualities, making him shine. He is attracted to passionate, creative and self-confident women capable of noble emotions which always know what they want.

This man needs to be aware of his own irrational, impulsive and selfish side and, above all, to stop projecting it onto his lover.

Tom Cruise is born at Leo moon

Tom Cruise is born at Leo moon


In the professional field, no matter how small or large the team they belong to, in one way or another, those born with Moon in Leo end up taking the lead. The truth is, they don't even like working in a collective—the presence of others is just a chance for them to get noticed. Their secret ideal is not to work but to be generously rewarded for their gifts, talents, and inestimable value. Sometimes, especially in their youth, natives with Moon in Leo can be very disappointed to find that their great dreams are not fulfilled, and their outstanding merits are not recognised.

Supremely self-confident, Leo Moon people get into conflicts with superiors because they can't stand being dominated. In turn, employers may perceive them as being rude and demanding, and in the eyes of colleagues, they may appear extravagant, shallow, shrewd, greedy.

In the case of Leo Moon natives, the choice of the profession will be determined by other clues in the natal chart, not by the position of the Moon. The Leo Moon merely watches over and feeds their immense desire for success.

Leo Moon natives seek material wealth because, in their view, possessions are a demonstration of success. They have high aspirations, and, once achieved, they expect and enjoy praise. Leo Moon born people are proud and confident who, with time, risk becoming arrogant and vain.


When the Moon is in the sign of Leo, psychic influences can affect physical health in this way:

  • Various heart ailments: "I'm heartbroken, I'll never get the appreciation I need" — indicate a refusal to express love and require unblocking of feelings and letting go of pride/anger.
  • Hypertension: "I have an old problem that I haven't been able to solve, and I think I'm exploding. I want to find a solution that puts me in control" — reflects the rejection of untested options and requires receptivity to solutions from outside.
  • Hypotension: "What's the point of all the effort? It won't work anyway!" — Reflects complacency, victimhood. It requires courage and commitment.
  • Anaemia: "My doubts are justified. You may think my pessimism makes you uncomfortable, but you will think like me in the end. If I can't be happy, then neither can you" — shows the dissociation of joy and satisfaction from work and duty and requires acceptance of work as a satisfying activity.
  • Gout: "I'm the boss, and everyone dances to my tune." — reflects a superiority complex and requires acceptance of equal rights and cooperation.

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