Taurus Love and Relationship Compatibility: Find out who's the best and worst match for Taurus

Taurus is the sign representing the apogee of spring, the earth element and fixed quality, ruled by Venus, the planet of love, sex, beauty and art. Symbolically, it is a sign of stability and fertility; it is good soil to plant anything. Natives usually show calmness and responsiveness as long as they are not challenged to the limit because, like the animal that represents the zodiac sign, they always prefer a quiet life and good grass to ruminate on. They are self-sufficient and needy in equal measure, can and know how to be alone, but often prefer to be in pleasant company. Still, they don't shy away from a fig ht when necessary, and when they do fight, they use their horns and kicks to show that peace is an option, not a weakness.


Because they are ruled by Venus and the earth element, they are highly attached to sensory stimuli. If a Taurus is attracted to someone, we can be sure they are beautiful; looks are important to them. Taureans are usually protective of their partners (perhaps jealous), have a powerful sense of ownership and value, and know how much each person and attitude is worth. When they are in love, they like to praise and conquer with gifts and dinners; they have a material way of loving.

Thinking about how they are connected to spring, Taureans are the flowers that exude their fragrance to attract bees and birds. They are not the type to go after suitors but try to attract their lovers by appearing attractive and desirable. They seek peaceful relationships where they can be themselves and enjoy the company of their loved ones without stress. They may shy away from talking about the connection to avoid attrition and often let their partners speak to themselves. Because they are never wrong (notice the sarcasm in this statement), they may feel they don't have to prove themselves to anyone, which can sometimes get in the way of relationships.

When it comes to sex, Taureans like long, slow moments. They usually prefer sex to be associated with feelings, they don't like casual relationships, but there are exceptions. Kisses and massages are vital because they want sensory stimulation and prolonged pleasure.

Natives of this zodiac sign are very inclined towards long-term relationships, either because of their emotional stability or their attachment and fear of change.

Kelly Clarkson is a Leo zodiac sign

Kelly Clarkson is a Taurus zodiac sign


Because they are quiet most of the time and like comfort and security, Taureans are excellent partners for the other earth signs, Virgo and Capricorn, and the water signs, Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces. Taureans need to feel valued, both materially and emotionally, because they know their worth, just as they know how to love those around them. They are reliable partners, even if they can sometimes have controlling tendencies, but this is quickly resolved if trust is established.

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Pisces is definitely the best combination. Pisces natives shine in the eyes of Taurus, and at the same time, Taurus natives can help Pisces be more grounded and practical, bringing structure to their dreams so they can make them come true. A beautiful biome to describe this couple is the mangrove swamp. The relationship between Taurus and Pisces is like the meeting of continent and ocean. Terrestrial vegetation and fauna coexist in harmony with aquatic vegetation and fauna. Both signs are linked to the planet Venus; Taurus is the home of Venus, while Pisces is the exaltation. They bring out all that is most beautiful and fertile in each other through a delicate contrast.

Secondly, we can choose Cancer as compatible with Taurus. Both look for quiet love and like to be cared for and looked after. This is a couple likely to spend many years or a lifetime together, either out of love or attachment. They are two signs who like the inside of their own home and quiet life together. A couple will spend their Sunday afternoons sitting on the balcony and chatting. Both are zodiac signs that bring joy to the Moon. They share powerful emotional intelligence, Cancer with the fertility of living, enjoying and dealing with new and different emotions, while Taurus with the patience and emotional stability that life demands.

Capricorn is the third-best sign to relate to Taurus. Both are earth signs, so they are very focused on building and maintaining a secure environment, both materially and emotionally. Capricorn helps Taurus take new steps, and Taurus allows Capricorn to take even firmer steps. Capricorn's coldness may bother some Taureans who need a more affectionate display. This may be something to work on in this couple, but it's worth the effort to find a middle ground that pleases both.

Justin Bieber is a Pisces zodiac sign

Justin Bieber is a Pisces zodiac sign


A problematic option for Taurus is Sagittarius. Sagittarius natives are very sociable and eager for novelty. Like Taurus, Sagittarians have their ideals and truths well defined; the problem here is that they are entirely opposite to the ideals and realities of Taurus. Taurus need security, Sagittarians need new stimuli, physical and intellectual, not the best option for the quiet life Taurus seek.

Taurus must be willing daily to adapt, change, and accept Sagittarius's often chaotic lifestyle for this relationship to work. On the other hand, Sagittarius must realize that Taurus' sensuality and pragmatism is not a cage, but on the contrary, a blessing.

Jake Gyllenhaal is a Sagittarius zodiac sign

Jake Gyllenhaal is a Sagittarius zodiac sign

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