22 beautiful quotes on our Moon Prints that you will feel loved

Our clients love our Moon Prints as they are a perfect gift to share with loved ones. We help you capture those memorial moments that you have shared together.

Before we dispatch each print, our team will check on every single detail to make sure they are of the highest quality. We know these details are important to you and that matters the most to us.

Today we are going to share with you 22 of the most beautiful quotes on our moon prints we have come across to give you inspiration in telling that love story behind each print.

What is your love story?

22 beautiful quotes on our Moon Print that you will feel loved

That very night love found a way

1 universe 9 planets 204 countries 809 islands 7 seas

And i had the privilege of meeting you

That very night we became one under this moon

No matter how far apart we are we will always be under the same moon

That very night as husband & wife

I think that if you believe in a past life, we would have been a lovers in every single one of them

You are my soulmate

That very night your lips met mine.

You are my moon phase

I will always love you. The rest is confetti

That very night was our first kiss

With just one simple kiss our world changed forever

That very night we met

Now I know I will never love anyone the way I love you

That very night my heart was complete

It was the start of every night together


We are so beyond in love with our Moon print – it’s such a meaningful piece of art in our home and also – just so incredibly beautiful! (Who doesn’t love looking at the moon!) highly recommend this to my friends and family looking for a beautiful piece for their space.


22 beautiful quotes on our Moon Print that you will feel loved

That very night you came into the world

You’re the greatest thing that has ever happened to me and I want to spend the rest of my life with you

That very night we first met

Keep this forever the way I am going to keep you forever

I love you

That very night forever and always

The way the moon looks may change but my love for you will never

That very night our story started

The universe had written our love story in the stars

That very night our adventure began

We met we laughed & the rest is simply magical

That very night had brought us together

Magnetically brought together via the univers

That very night we became one

Just something I can turn to somebody I can kiss


The picture was beautiful and everything I could have hoped! The only downside was the shipping took much longer than expected due to Covid. Patrick was the most helpful and followed up with both Post NL and Canada Post for updates to keep me in the loop of where my package was. His responses were quick and thoughtful and it was very much appreciated!


That very night when we kissed I knew

You had me at hello

That very night love was always in the stars

The moment we decided to spend our lives together

In any world at any time in any life across any universe

I would choose you

That very night we vowed our love

The earth stood still for only just a moment

That very night we completed 365 days

Within those first 365 days we had a incredible journey

That very night I seen myself in ur eyes

One simple look and instantly I was yours

That very night you took a chance on us

And our lives changed forever

That very night we met in a bar

Until our hair turns to white

That very night you came into my world

May the love you share for one another always shine as bright as the moon


The site was user friendly and easy to create with so many options to chose from. The quality of the paper they use for print is very high quality which makes the print look very crisp and professional. Also very good turn around time in shipping.


22 beautiful quotes on our Moon Print that you will feel loved

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