Libra Love and Relationship Compatibility: Find out who's the best and worst match for Libra

Libras are known as lovers of the zodiac and not without reason. After all, they are ruled by Venus — the planet of love and beauty. Libras are all about balance, so they're looking for love matches that complement each other without being overly competitive or unfulfilling on either side. Libras aren't perfect, of course, but they are often caring partners who strive to prevent unnecessary discord in their relationship.


Libra's method of operating is to enjoy life in a peaceful, effortless way. Libra likes harmony and prefers not to rock the boat. Libras will wait patiently until they feel like someone really understands them before they become intimate with that person. When Libra falls in love, they tend to take things slowly, not wanting anything to disrupt their relationship. Sexually, Libras are passionate partners who are willing to be very flexible as long as their partner can communicate what they want from sex at any given time.

Libra natives are idealistic creatures. They always want to believe in romance and will love with all their heart until it becomes evident that things aren't working out. Libra enjoys seeing both sides of an argument because these folks are naturally susceptible to other people's feelings. Because of their desire for compromise, Libras make great lovers; everyone wins!

Brie Larson is a Libra zodiac sign


Libra may have an ideal partner from the sign of Gemini or Aquarius because they are both very intellectual signs. Someone intelligent will go deep into conversations with them without getting bored or distracted. Libra is also very compatible with Sagittarius and Leo.

Good compatibility exists between Aries and Libra. Still, the relationship could be pretty extreme because they are opposite signs on the zodiac axis. Either everything would go perfectly, or there would be constant chaos.

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Gemini is definitely one of the best matches for Libra. Their shared air sign means they'll have a powerful mental connection. They'll be comfortable chatting at length about their interests, hobbies, and philosophies on life. They also both love socializing and being around other people. Sexually, Libra will appreciate Gemini's fancy for variety in their sexual experiences. When Libra gets bored in a relationship, it's usually because of the routine—Gemini can easily break that common thanks to its lucky charm. Emotionally, Gemini understands how complex Libra can be, making them an easy match for expressing themselves freely. The relationship between these two Signs is going to be fun and exciting!

Aquarius is another excellent match for Libra. These natives are ruled by Uranus—the planet of unexpected change. They are compatible with a flexible sign like Libra; both love anything that pushes them to try new things and experience life differently. Their shared air element means they'll have a natural connection in their taste in music, art, and other cultural aspects. Both can hold an intellectual conversation on any topic. They're both good listeners who can offer helpful advice when it's needed, which makes them even more compatible! Sexually, Aquarius loves experimentation and spontaneity as much as Libra does. Emotionally, they're also closely linked thanks to their shared feeling element. These two don't take everything personally and understand each other very well. Together, they create a fantastic partnership based on mutual feelings, and nothing can stand in their way.

Leo is also an ideal match for Libra. The natives are ruled by the Sun—the planet of self-esteem and confidence. Their personalities complete each other; it's as if they were meant to be together. They love being around people and socializing with friends, making them compatible on that front. Both love attention; in fact, engagement from an audience can turn them on! Leo loves anything risky, which also sparks excitement in Libra—the more spontaneous or dangerous a situation is, the better! Sexually, Leo isn't afraid to make moves first, and Libra is happy to reciprocate if it means getting exactly what they want out of their sex life. Emotionally, these two share strong feelings, making even stressful situations manageable. Together, they're sure to have a fun time and enjoy their relationship.

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Libras are very versatile and adaptable. They can make just about any relationship work with the compromise at hand, but not for long. When it comes to the worst match for Libras, things get complicated. That's why there are several signs that Libra can't have a fulfilling long-term relationship with. However, Virgo is basking in the glory of the least compatible sign with Libra.

Libra and Virgo do not work well together. Libra is too sentimental for Virgo's emotional inhibition, which means Virgo takes life too seriously and isn't very emotionally expressive. Libra has trouble connecting with Virgo because of its stiff emotional control. Their relationship will have an expiration date because they are just not compatible.

Bottom line: a relationship that, by all astral predictions, should not work out in any way. But, who knows, maybe the natives have some strategically placed planets here and there, and, with a bit of effort, each of them could change a little.

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