Aquarius Moon Sign Meaning: Personality Traits, Love, Career and Health

The emotional and sensitive Moon, full of imagination and eager to be protected, is this time in an open field, in the wind, with no support except the sky—the Sun—overhead. There is nothing specific about Aquarius Moon, except that it's constantly in the wind, risking being "blown away" at any moment.

In the middle of winter, the Moon moves heavily in the territory of two Saturn signs—Capricorn and Aquarius. Aquarius indeed has more élan and debonairness than the previous sign, but let's not kid ourselves. Neither of the two excels in sensitivity and warmth.


The Aquarius Moon has a very scattered manifestation of emotions, giving the image of a young person who is easy-going, sincere and full of naturalness but lacking vulnerability and always willing to detach from anything and anyone without too much suffering.

The Aquarius Moon in the natal chart of the natives is like background music that leaves as much space for expression as possible to the natal sign—the Sun—blurring much of its excesses. So, the mark of the Aquarius Moon becoming just a splash of colour that softens the too strident shades in a painting, highlighting only the central idea. This is how the unconscious attitude determined by the Moon's position, this time in the sign of Aquarius manifests itself: through a permanent detachment. As a paradox but in entire agreement with its meaning, the Moon in Aquarius leaves complete freedom of expression to the other planetary influences in the chart.

Those born with the Moon in Aquarius are highly valued for their generous and domestic attitude, but they remain aloof and rationally dose their sensitivity deep down. They offer the most surprising palette of reactions for romantics, who will discover that beyond an attractive, sociable, understanding and well-disposed person is someone whose feelings and emotions don't evolve in-depth but float at the same, relaxed level.

Britney Spears is born at Aquarius moon

Britney Spears is born at Aquarius moon


Aquarius Moons may have an exaggerated need for independence and individuality, sometimes finding themselves in open relationships or friendships with benefits. With Air Moons, they have healthier compatibility, whereas it is harder to form a long-term relationship with Earth Moons. And if we're talking about friends with benefits, Fire Moons are tolerant of this.


The Moon in Aquarius needs a partner who doesn't demand too much emotional involvement or presence in the home, and who will always accept her well-researched and willingly offered recommendations. As far as possible, he should be as preoccupied as possible with intellectual activities that have little to do with the intimate sphere, be independent and a little emotionally amorphous, and be content with the role of a cute puppy who enjoys being petted by his partner.

The Aquarius Moon woman is bohemian with admirable humanistic intentions but does not consider her partner's objective reality and concrete needs. After all, the Moon in Aquarius is also a Saturnian and implicitly distant form of soulful living.

Able to get out of a relationship as quickly as she got in, the Aquarius Moon native is rarely affected by her partner's infidelity, which she can get over even with a wry smile on her lips. If he likes someone else, okay, he can leave. Likewise, she can change the target of her sentimental concerns by rarely attaching herself to that man as an individual with a first and last name but rather as an exponent of the opposite sex.

The Moon in Aquarius gives her partners the unique experience of the most peaceful of separations and divorces. "You want a divorce? Here's your suitcase! Let the next one come!" In her case, the intense feelings, the strong emotions, are like a loose coat in which she can constantly move at will without the risk of bursting at the seams. Because, gentlemen, the bad news: despite her thoughtful and sincere behaviour, she doesn't really care, and love never takes her mind!

Carrie Underwood is born at Aquarius moon

Carrie Underwood is born at Aquarius moon

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Native Aquarius Moon men are nonconformist and inventive, tending to revolutionize their environments, are very friendly and easily integrate into social groups. They are very attracted to cutting-edge technology and the occult, mainly because they are not content to act traditionally, using only the means used by most of their peers.

This man's inner woman is undoubtedly modern and unconventional; she is a woman who lives more with her mind than with her soul and who feels that she does not belong to the time in which she lives. This man wants a woman who is independent, adaptable to whatever changes come up in his life and will accept a relationship with no strings attached.

The native needs to change his attitude of emotional non-involvement and his tendency to disregard social conventions. He must be meticulous not to confuse friendship with love in his relationships with women.

Eminem is born at Aquarius moon

Eminem is born at Aquarius moon


The influence of the Aquarius Moon drives its natives to achieve success in a particular field. Even if they make many changes in their personal plan or work strategy, profession, or even in their goals, the purpose remains the success. Those born with a Moon in Aquarius don't like to follow a too familiar job, and when they do, they seek to improve themselves according to the latest trends and standards. They have big dreams, are full of enthusiasm, are naturally gifted with intelligence and an excellent memory which helps them a lot in their studies, educational or scientific activities.

Like any person "touched" by the Uranian influence, the Aquarian Moon is interested in unusual, original, occult subjects, including astrology.


The presence of the Moon in Aquarius in the natal chart can influence native's health for psychological reasons:

Leg disorders and especially blood circulation—specifically varicose veins: "I don't feel at all well in my current position", "It's too much for me, but I lack the courage to decide to change this situation". Reflects the stuck in a challenging situation just because it is socially acceptable. It requires deciding on your own behalf, with courage and assuming your own freedom, or in other words, the courage to take a step towards independence.

Calf-busters: the meaning is similar to the above, except that it requires overcoming self-imposed barriers (perhaps personal beliefs, sometimes tradition).

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