Leo Love and Relationship Compatibility: Find out who's the best and worst match for Leo

Leo's are the fifth sign of the zodiac, and they're ruled by the Sun. Leos are creative, outgoing, and passionate people with an appetite for success, making them one of the most charming signs in the zodiac. In addition to these positive traits, Leo's darker side hides an exaggerated pride. This can make them seem selfish and self-centered at times. Still, the truth is that underneath their prideful demeanor lies the need to be loved, adored, and appreciated by others.


If there is one thing that Leos are sure of, it's their own self-worth. They believe in passion and excitement and in being open about their feelings. Leo is a very hot-blooded sign and expects fire in return. When it comes to sex, Leos need intensity, heat, and passion—which can only be found in someone who shares their hunger for life.

Leos don't see their partner as an object to be used, but they do need flattery and may use sex as a way to get it. To maintain balance in relationships, one must remember that romance is just a part of life and not everything revolves around it. Without proper nourishment from other sources, Leos could start putting more importance on sex than on relationships and become like chameleons, changing colors with their surroundings.

Being extroverts, Leos are generally quite fond of lovemaking; they also have high expectations from their partners. Leos wants to feel like they are on top of a relationship pedestal while others admire them. Anyone entering into a relationship with a Leo should be prepared for drama, intensity, and lots of flairs.

In short, Leos in relationships are loyal and passionate, but they need to be kept happy; otherwise, they will seek happiness elsewhere. Yes, we said loyal, but loyalty comes at a price, their joy. In the absence of this happiness, if Leo is not mature enough to break off the relationship, they will cheat and lie to their partner with no regret.

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Leo resonates with a partner with the same element, namely Fire, regarding relationships and love. Who could have enough energy to constantly worship a Leo, have passionate sex all day long and tolerate an ego as big as the king of the jungle than someone from the Fire triad. Without a doubt, Sagittarius and Aries are among the favorite partners of Leos. Leo is also compatible with Air signs, especially Gemini and Libra. Let's not forget that the air keeps the fire going.

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Sagittarius is definitely one of the best matches for Leo. These two signs are spontaneous, fun-loving, and love to experience life to its fullest, making them ideal companions on adventures! Since they share many traits, they understand each other well and can keep up with their exuberant personalities. When it comes to sex, Sagittarius and Leo are a great match since they share an open-minded approach to new things and take pleasure in trying something different every time. These two have enough fire between them to really set things ablaze!

Aries and Leo are also a match made in heaven. These fire signs burn brightly and radiate an intense passion for life. However, they can be somewhat impatient and impulsive, which might cause arguments if neither one is willing to give in now and then. With similar interests, fiery personalities, and an irresistible spark between them, Leo and Aries can ignite a wonderful romance! When it comes to sex, theirs will definitely be a hot affair! Moreover, Aries' innovative ideas bring out Leo's best qualities since both signs like being on top of their game at all times.

Libra is another excellent match for Leo. Leo and Libra can have a long-lasting and fulfilling relationship with their friendly, sociable nature and love of culture and beauty! They both appreciate having a companion to share life's pleasures with and can do so without drama or high maintenance—as most Leos hate—making them an ideal couple in many ways. They also make good sex partners since they're both sensual signs attracted to seduction rather than aggression during intimacy.

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Taurus enjoys the glory of the worst match for Leo because they are too different. Taurus hates to be ordered around by anybody, while Leo is one of those personalities who love to take charge and get things done.

Taurus have their own value system; they are realistic, persevering, and strong with a well-defined self-identity. Leos like to exude glory, brilliance, splendor and feel that everything revolves around their greatness. Therefore, Taurus will never accept a "master," a "god," or a kitten that must constantly be petted. Taurus has a brutal way of waking Leo up to reality, and it may be that in the long run, Leo will come to dislike himself. It is a relationship of dramas.

Some astrologers even mention that Taurus can make Leo's excellent physical life partner but a terrible mental one. This is probably true because no other sign really challenges Leo's sense of intellectual superiority and artistic preeminence, as does a Taurus.

The solution? Hard to find. It requires a lot of sacrifice on both sides. Leo needs to become more humble and grateful, while Taurus needs to be more tolerant and flexible. Furthermore, nothing in this world irritates Leo more than ignorance. So the Leo will have to develop patience and not seek attention and appreciation elsewhere, as the Taurus would never get over infidelity.

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