Virgo Love and Relationship Compatibility: Find out who's the best and worst match for Virgo

Being down-to-earth, practical, reserved, and realistic is what describes a Virgo. There are a lot of negative stereotypes associated with a Virgo personality. They are seen as cold and detached individuals who don't seem to care about anything or anyone. However, this is simply untrue. Virgos have feelings just like any other person. However, in love, relationships, and sex, certain qualities make them stand out from others.

Read on to learn more about Virgo's compatibility in relationships and love.


Virgos are sex-crazed maniacs who cannot get enough of their partner. They love foreplay and think outside conventional sex boxes to ensure their significant other is sexually satisfied. Their partners may consider them prudes or boring at first glance. Still, behind closed doors, Virgos can be sexual superheroes with a vast arsenal of techniques that cause their partner to moan in ecstasy. Well, let's not imagine that Virgo is a sign that opens up so quickly emotionally and sexually. They need guarantees, being earth signs and rational, ruled by Mercury. But once their hearts have been conquered, hell or heaven breaks loose; it depends... the fact remains that there is no turning back!

Virgos may have little patience for those who don't hold up their end of a deal in relationships. They value trustworthiness above all else and therefore seek someone who can be relied upon to keep their word. Communication is another key factor here. Virgos need someone who isn't afraid to speak their mind and won't pull any punches! That's not to say that they aren't willing to compromise—quite the contrary, they just want partners who are equally ready to do so.

In summary, anyone dating a Virgo should expect romance, care, and genuine consideration. It all sounds too good so far. Well, Virgos are blessed with a keen mind, but that's not always an asset when it comes to love. Their thoughts can be their downfall as they tend to over-analyze every little thing about a new relationship. This can cause unnecessary anxiety and wreck any chances of getting close to someone.

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The ideal match for a Virgo is Capricorn or Taurus. Both are earth signs like Virgos, which means these partners share work-related values such as practicality and diligence. Virgo is also very compatible with Scorpio or Cancer. These two water signs can compensate Virgo's tendency toward rationality with their more emotional connection. And finally, an air sign partner like Gemini can help keep things lighthearted if life gets too heavy—and even introduce intellectual stimulation when required!

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Capricorn is definitely one of the best matches for Virgo. This is because they have so much in common. Each likes the other's drive and practicality and their determination to make things work. Both are very analytical and value exactness. The most significant point that makes these two compatible is that both are hardened perfectionists. Who could understand Virgo's almost obsessive need to make everything perfect than a Capricorn? While there will be some discords between them, these will not cause significant problems—if each partner tries not to criticize the other's traits too harshly. A Virgo-Capricorn pairing is also nurturing. Capricorns have a more responsible disposition than other earth signs; they're more willing to take charge of problems when they arise. This could be exactly what Virgo's mind needs to relax after a long day at work.

Taurus is another sign that Virgos get along with really well. They are practical and don't waste time or energy on pointless endeavors. The only problem a Virgo may have with Taurus could be their laziness—they will never push themselves to do more than what's required of them. But that's OK because it's good for a relationship to have balance. In some ways, Virgos are more productive at home than anywhere else; they're focused on everything from paperwork to cleaning up, rather than focusing too much on socializing or partying. A Taurus would feel supported by their partner's willingness to help out around the house when needed. Moreover, their stay-at-home mindset can help strengthen any partnership.

Cancer will also be a great match with Virgo; both signs share similar values when it comes to home life, such as how orderly and clean they like their surroundings to be. Both will know how romance should be treated for love relationships, which creates a good connection between them. At the same time, both want a close bond with someone who shares similar interests.

For romance, a Virgo would do best with laid-back and easy-going people. Cancer fits that description very well—if only because they don't think about much outside their personal bubble!

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Who is Virgo's worst match? It's a close call between Aquarius, Leo, Aries, and Sagittarius. Yes, there is significant competition, and it is hard to decide who is the worst match for Virgo. However, astrologers wrinkle their noses when it comes to a pairing between Sagittarius and Virgo—the cricket and the ant. The cricket traveled and lazy, the ant too homely and hardworking.

Virgo is Earth, Sagittarius is Fire. Sure, this combination makes the most beautiful clay pots, but over a small fire and in time. And Sagittarius is in too much hurry and has no time to shape the clay as unique as Virgo. Because let's be honest, Virgo is a reserved, shy and introverted person. The exact opposite is Sagittarius; the philosopher's philosopher has no time to explore feelings. Also, fidelity is just a moral concept of some sort, and morality is moot because humans created it.

The principle of Sagittarius is freedom, and Virgo is stability. Somehow, these two things don't really fit together in the long run. If Virgo knows how to give Sagittarius a slightly larger cage—about the size of an average city—in which to unfold, then things might work out. But for how long? That's another unanswerable question when it comes to these two natives.

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