The Moon Phase: How The Moon Affect Us

The idea that the moon and the lunar cycle influences peoples behaviour is a concept that has circulated for thousands of years. It has been spoken about in literature and historically the humans would track and monitor the moon and its correlation to not only how it influences the earth but the humans living on it.

Modern medicine at one time dismissed the idea that the moon would influence emotion, change behaviours and even cause illnesses. However, more studies are now being carried out to show this is not as far fetched as medical professionals once thought, with mental health professions fully believing and supporting the influence of the moon with human behaviours.

The History

When you look at the history of the moon affects everything. Physicians and philosophers have always associated the cycles of the moon with not only the earth but with human behaviours. The concept of lunar cycles and this influences mood and behaviours is what coined the term lunatic.

When you think about it, the moon directly affects the tides and how they rise and fall, timings and light. Looking into animals affects the moon, especially birds, plays an essential role in migration patterns and their navigation. This is the same when it comes to their reproduction and that of coral and particular sea dwellers that reproduce to coincide with certain phases of the lunar cycle.

So it is only logical that the moon influences humans.

Why Does The Moon Affect Us

Observing the moon, seeing how it changes and being observant of the direct link with humankind and how the moon ebbs and flows and how it impacts human sleep, menstruation and love have all been connected.

There is a strong gravitational pull that the moon exerts. It is this same gravity that causes the changes in tides and influences animal kind. When the pull of its gravity is at its highest that is when the tides are at their highest and lowest.

Science has shown that the human body consists of 70% water. Therefore, it is logical that the moon would have a dominate and control humans in a particular way. The New Moon and Full moon is the time when this gravitational pull is at its strongest and likes its physical control of the tides, humans emotions are brought to the surface and a change in human emotion shows.

Scientific theories surrounding this are that when the tides change, the sea changes, change the magnetic fields of the Earth change. It is the change within the earth magnetic fields that have shown changes in human brain wave and their activities.

Why Does The Moon Affect Us

How The Moon Affects Sleep

Of course, the moon itself is bright, so through the different cycles there may be the physical aspect of the light it shines influencing sleep. However, there is more of a connection than just the bright moonlight.

Numerous studies have been carried over with a consensus that when the moon is at its fullest, peoples sleep is disturbed in comparison to the rest of the month. It has shown that when the moon is at its fullest you are less likely to have deep quality sleep. When your sleep changes this then in turn influences an individual. It can change their mood, when they are tired they may become more irritable, find it harder to concentrate, be more impatient and become stressed more easily.

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The Moons Influence Your Body And Mind

When referring to humankind the cycles around day and night are often referred to. This is based upon the concept of day and night cycles from the earth orbiting the sun. These rhythms can be easily thrown when timings change such as from travel and jet lag or when the clocks change. In addition to these circadian rhythms, there is also a circalunar rhythm directly linked to lunar cycles linked to the lunar clock.

As the moon moves closer to the earth the gravitational pull on the earth changes. Which triggers a response with the large pools of water on the earth creating the higher tides. This also causes a change in the human body.

As the lunar cycles change there have been studies carried out to show that it influences the cardiovascular system. During the new and full moon phases, blood pressures in humans drop and humans have been shown to be more efficient during lunar cycles.

The Moons Influence Your Body And Mind

The Moons Influence On Mental Health And Energy

There is also suggestions that the different phases of the lunar cycle influences mood and your personal energy levels.

When the moon is moving through its different phases it can impact you. To summarise, the New Moon is when energy levels are at their lowest and this can make you feel tired and less inclined to be as sociable. When at waxing crescent you have increased energy (after your new moon rest) and are ready to go and seize all opportunities.

When the moon circles back round to full moon you are more likely to feel a change again within your emotions. You might start feeling tense and having a heightened emotional response and boost in energy.

With the varying phases of the moon and understanding how it can influence your energy and mentally, it is easy to see and understand how historically the moon cycles were linked to changes in human behaviour, outbursts and even crime.

Scientific studies suggest that the changes in gaventational pull linked to lunar cycles can influence people and these types of physical outburst can show. It concluded that humans with specific disorders are more inclined to react past changes in energies and that their preexisting depression can swtich to mania.

By understanding and appreciating the different phases of the moon and how it can affect us, you are able to understand yourself better and work with the cycles to maximise potential and allow yourself the rest that your energy may require. When these needs are being met mental health issues are less likely to show.

The Moons Influence On Mental Health And Energy

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