2022 January's Full Moon in Cancer What It Means For Your Sun Sign

January's full moon happens on January 17 in the sign of Cancer. Full moons are considered the most potent and powerful moon phases. So they can be particularly impactful on your life if you know how to harness their energies effectively. January's full moon in Cancer can bring feelings of great compassion and empathy and a strong desire to be close to loved ones. You may feel you need to return home and take some time off, or maybe you'll just want to hold someone close. If that sounds like what you need right now, give yourself permission to do so.

We'll take a look at the Cancer full moon horoscope for all sun signs below.


The coldest of all full moons, January's Cancer full moon, makes you crave a dose of warmth. Tune into some hot music or spend time near fireplaces and furnaces to stay warm—or maybe you can hug someone! You may want to surround yourself with family members, even if you feel like they suffocate you. It may be challenging to make new friends or go out and meet new people. Others don't feel you, considering that Mercury is retrograde starting January 14. However, the full moon's energy in Cancer helps you communicate from heart to heart, and you will finally feel understood. Remember that life is about relationships—even if those relationships aren't perfect.


You're a hard worker, and that won't change anytime soon. But if you find yourself feeling stuck at work, getting away for a few days will help you gain some perspective. Luckily, with January's full moon in Cancer lighting up your professional life, work is looking more promising than ever. Learn to be more flexible around others, and you'll set yourself up for greater opportunities. Your communication skills won't be in a particularly positive light from January 14, when Mercury goes into retrograde. But the energy of the full moon in Cancer will help you express exactly what you're thinking and feeling.


It might be tempting to pick up on every little thing your partner does or says but don't. Cancer full moon brings with it an opportunity to spend time together and talk about what really matters. Focus on cultivating a closer connection with one another. You won't have to worry about feeling slighted or overlooked; there will be plenty of love and affection flowing both ways. When Gemini feels loved and supported, they thrive!


If you're not careful, you could let a minor disagreement fester and turn into something bigger than necessary. With the full moon in your sign, you're incredibly intuitive when getting along with people, so use that to your advantage; compromise is more manageable if everyone feels heard. You also have some great opportunities ahead of you at work—take them! There are no guarantees here, but as long as you keep trying, you'll be rewarded for your efforts. The energy of the full moon on January 17 will help you open up new doors, so try something out of your comfort zone! It might feel scary at first, but once those initial jitters subside and things fall into place again, it will all be worth it!


January's full moon in Cancer can make Leos feel extra emotional. Full moons bring out deep-seated emotions, and Leo may be more sensitive than usual. Try to avoid taking things personally at work; it might be a good time to let someone else have their say if only to keep yourself from getting wound up. As long as you don't let yourself get angry or overworked, you should feel very fulfilled by the end of January.


You'll want to spend January 17 working on quality time with family and friends. With the full moon in Cancer illuminating your big ideals, you could be inspired to pursue an artistic adventure or give time, attention or even money to those in need. Before the peak of the full moon, the Moon makes a power exchange with Pluto. There's no better time than now to make positive changes in your life. Even if you're feeling overwhelmed by things that need fixing, try not to stress yourself out; just focus on one step at a time. You can get anywhere when you work up the courage, patience, and motivation!

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This month, get ready to make a lot of waves! Both figuratively and literally—the full moon on January 17 in Cancer rules both water and emotions. It's going to be very easy to become overwhelmed by your feelings around now. So take some time out from everything else you're doing to give yourself some self-care. A bubble bath or a meditation retreat could help you put things into perspective exactly what you want and don't want from life. You know that great feeling when you have no agenda and just relax?


This month's full moon occurs on January 17 in the sign of Cancer. Before its peak, the Moon opposes Pluto, the planet of profound transformations. You may find yourself feeling off-kilter and emotionally volatile at times—though you have a mighty burst of energy and strength from late January 17 to early February 1. During that time, make sure to schedule some one-on-one time with someone you love. They will be deeply moved by how attentive you are. Look out for a career opportunity around the full moon as well—one that could prove quite lucrative over time if you're shrewd about how to cash in on it!


January's Cancer full moon is a reminder to take a rest. Sometimes, though, our sense of purpose can be skewed by what feels like an important deadline or a significant project that needs attention. In reality, everyone needs downtime. When you push yourself too hard and exhaust yourself physically or mentally, you become more susceptible to illness and injury. Give yourself permission to not always have somewhere to be or something to do, Sagittarius. If you make relaxation a priority—the way others might prioritize self-care—you'll be less likely to burn out later on.


Your perfectionist tendencies will see a boost during January's full moon. While you should be applauded for wanting to execute every detail just right, ask yourself if you're feeling overwhelmed by such high standards. That might be a good time to delegate some of your work to a colleague or two. Remember that everything doesn't have to be done perfectly – even though it certainly can feel that way at times! And despite our best efforts, sometimes we miss tiny details, whether because they were too hard or simply slipped through the cracks due to timing and other constraints. With this Cancer full moon moment, give yourself permission not only to let those minor blips go but also permission not to freak out about them when they happen!


The full moon in Cancer marks when emotions are most powerful and tangible. Life can get quite intense starting January 17; think of it as a slingshot that shoots you into a whole new reality! Make sure to spend time with loved ones and friends during these days while also finding quiet moments to relax and reflect on what's going on within you emotionally. The energy of Cancer full moon makes these days very rich emotionally. It has a substantial impact on how you feel about life as you move forward through January (and beyond). Cancer's energy is so much about self-reflection! You'll never really understand yourself until you've gotten to know yourself first...


Full moons are always filled with emotion, and Pisces will get more than their fair share of intensity. January's Cancer full moon is especially volatile as emotions run high and could send you into a tailspin if you're not careful. You may have trouble connecting to others, but once you find someone willing to listen to your dark thoughts, you'll be able to move forward from your pain. Your compassion could shine through during a heart-to-heart chat with a close friend or family member who needs emotional support.

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